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Mr Lee Restaurant in Taman Berkeley, Klang

You’d be surprised how in a big town with a huge predominantly Chinese population, finding good Chinese food can still be a tough challenge. Yes, Klang is renowned for its famous Bak Kut Tehs and seafood (though I feel the crown has been lost to other coastal towns in Selangor). But when it comes to local hawker fare such as chicken rice, Hokkien mee, prawn mee and char koay teow, I’ve been searching high and low to find the good ones.

Lo and behold, my search for a beef noodle and char koay teow recommended by a fellow foodie, brought me to a small and old residential neighbourhood of Taman Berkeley in northern Klang. After mistakenly thought that the restaurant I was looking for is closed, I ended up in Mr Lee Restaurant few shops away.


It’s a restaurant that apparently specialises in Ipoh hor fun as well as steamed chicken and other roasted meats (char siew & siew yuk). Being a glutton I am, I wanted to try as many items my big belly can take. So I ordered a dry Ipoh Hor Fun with Prawn Wantan (RM6), and a quarter steamed chicken (RM12).

The Ipoh Hor Fun comes in a decent portion. The kuey teow they used here is not as smooth as I would like them to be, but they are still better than most of the mediocre ones out there. Tastewise, one of the better ones I had outside Ipoh and the famous one at Imbi.

20161006_092951 The Ipoh Hor Fun I ordered comes with four decent-sized prawn wantans, served in a separate bowl that also includes a piece of Yau Mak vege, and broth that not surprisingly added with MSG. The prawn wantans themselves are quite enjoyable even though the size could have been bigger. There are a whole small prawn in each of those wantans though.


Now the steamed chicken. I specifically asked for the drumstick and thigh parts as I am not a fan of chicken breasts and ribs. When it arrives, my first thought is the skin looks really good but the meat itself looks rather bland and uninviting. But one bite into it and my worries are gone. While it is not the best that I ever have, it does strike a fine balance with its tenderness, smooth skin, and the flavorful soya sauce.

So there you go, a blessing in disguise. Failed to find my initial target but ended up discovering another gem. All in all, this eatery has the potential to be a top one of their kind. If I have any qualm at all, it would be their watery chilli paste. I find it quite unacceptable for a chicken rice shop to underestimate the importance of a thick and spicy chilli paste. Having said that, I would still definitely return to sample other items on their menu, and bring others to check it out too.😉

Mr Lee Restaurant (李想吃烧腊店)

21, Lebuh Bangau, Taman Berkeley, 41150 Klang, Selangor

Business hours: Mon to Sun, 830am to 830pm

Tel: 0111 5380677




RM3 Dimsums at Restoran A Yen Yen One


Madame Waffle – Midvalley KL

Finally had the chance to pay my maiden visit to Madame Waffle at Midvalley. They serve Japanese-styled waffles which are more bread-like than the usual crunch type.


At RM6 to 7 a pop, they are definitely not cheap. I only managed to try their Matcha and Almond flavors. My rating? 6/10 #jalanjalancarimakan #foodreview #dessert


Limapulo by Baba Can Cook

IMG_20150812_142219Recently I have been hearing alot about a Nyonya restaurant in downtown called Limapulo, especially ever since they won the Best Curry Laksa award from The Star. They have moved to a new premise at 50, Jalan Doraisamy (The Heritage Row next to Sheraton KL) from the previous Lot 26. Now the new one is a very Instagram-worthy with all the retro and rustic interiors and decors. When I visited it on Monday lunchtime, I bumped into its uber-handsome owner and my old futsal kaki, Alan Yun @alanyunkl ! Very friendly and business-savvy guy. And of course, the ever-present Uncle John, the cook of all those wonderful Nyonya delicacies, sitting as usual right in front of the entrance. 😉😊

From top right (clockwise), the award-winning Nyonya Curry Laksa. Very fragrant broth and springy noodle. If only it is more spicy. My mum, a ardent fan of curry laksa, gave it a thumbs up. The ‘Pie Tee’ here are topped with a shrimp. The fillings are aromatic and tasted sweet. Nasi Lemak comes with curry chicken. The lemak rice was good with enough santan. I prefer my curry to be thicker but the version here is enjoyable enough. The Curry Chicken Rice is white rice served with some vegetables, fried omelette and curry chicken which is the same as those served for Nasi Lemak. The only disappointment of that day was the Nyonya Fried Meehun. It tasted pretty bland, and not sure why it is called as Nyonya Fried Meehun while tastes the same as any generic type of fried meehun. Both the ABC (Ice Kacang) and Cendol were very enjoyable especially in hot weather, but the servings were a tad too small. 

Overall I would rate the Nyonya food here at 7.5/10. This is after considering also their very reasonable lunch price. All the main meals shown above are priced at RM9.90, a steal considering the location and the quality of food. My only qualm would be the serving size of their desserts, and the difficulty in finding a parking spot there (even if you’re willing to pay for it). Will be returning there to try their ala carte menu, and also to indulge in some selfies as the restaurant and its surrounding is just oh so Instagram-friendly #jalanjalancarimakan #limapulo #babacancook #foodreview

Random Reflections

A very meaningful & touchy song

Thank you – by The Katinas

Just a little while longer I wanna pray
Can’t get You off my mind so I came to say
Thank You Lord just for loving me
Many times as I do forget
Every need that You have met
Oh thank You Lord, I know You’re showing me
You are there when I am down and out
You’re holding me, Your love is so amazing
Oh it changed me

Here I am with all I am Raise my hands to worship You
I wanna say thank you, oh thank you
For everything, for who You are
You cover me, You touch my heart
I wanna say thank you

I could have died in my sin but You saved me
Didn’t have any hope at all
You gave me peace divine, strength to carry on
I should have been the one to pay
But instead You took my place
My Jesus, words cannot explain
Even though I don’t deserve Your love for me
You look beyond my fault and You showed mercy


I wanna say thank you for the sun
I wanna say thank you for the rain
Everything You do is beautiful
I’m so grateful for Your love