Island Cafe at SS2

Samuel contacted me out of the blue yesterday, asking me and Kevin out for lunch. So how can I say no to my beloved brother right? He suggested we go SS2, but no idea which eatery. So I suggested we be more adventurous and check out the Island Cafe, instead of eating something that we have tried before.

As all of you know, SS2 is notoriously congested and very difficult to find a parking spot. But thank God all 3 of us (yes we each drove our own car) got to park extremely close to the cafe.

From 12pm to 9pm, they offer set meals ranging from RM9.00++ to RM15.00++. Samuel ordered the Fried Chicken Chop set (RM12.90++) which comes with a complimentary Iced Jasmine Tea (normal price RM3.50++). He thought the chicken chop is okay, but the size is slightly small.

After a lengthy decision-making process, I ordered their Golden Sauce Chicken Chop with Fried Rice set (RM9.90++), that comes with the Iced Jasmine Tea and a small cup of Minestrone. The chicken chop actually tasted real good. The meat is tender, and the golden sauce is sweet with some hints of black pepper as well. Nothing special about the fried rice, though it tasted quite good actually.

The Iced Jasmine Tea is the perfect drink to have on a hot & humid afternoon, especially in a non-airconditioned restaurant like this. Just let the refreshing tea cools you down as you gobble down your lunch.

As I mentioned, my set meal comes with a small cup of minestrone, and I mean SMALL. Kekeke…should have put my finger in this photo for scaling purpose. Don’t really like this, too watery to my liking. So avoid it if you can.

Kevin came about 30 minutes late as he came straight from Glenmarie. He wanted to order the same thing as mine, but I asked him to get something else to try instead. So he ordered this Chicken Chop with Shanghai Thin Noodle set (RM9.90++). I thought the noodle didn’t look good at all, almost similar to those economic instant noodle that you can get from pasar malam. Didn’t ask him about what he thinks of this dish.

If you are one of those that comes to SS2 too often and running out of new places to eat, you might wanna try this one out yourself. I probably will come back sometimes, as I kinda like that Golden Sauce Chicken Chop. Or maybe drop by at night, as I heard they have musicians performing here during night time. Check it out y’all!

Island Cafe

Address: 2, Jalan SS 2/61, 47300 Petaling Jaya.

Telephone: 03-7877 8652

* They charge 5% Government Tax and 10% Service Charge


4 thoughts on “Island Cafe at SS2

  1. surprisingly never thought of trying this place although we hang out at ss2 pretty often… then again, with your review at least i am dare to try it out since da set meals pretty affordable!

  2. I’ve tried that place a couple of times. I don’t rally enjoy their food although many of my friends say that they serve the best among so many “Char Chan Teng”. They do have a huge variety, other than that, they have lightweight aluminium tables that can literally “swivel” and flimsy “faux” rattan that is equally lightweight. Hmm…I don’t like that place. But it’s the best there, I must say 🙂

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