My Favourite Toddler – Episode III

Spent more than an hour carrying Michelle Yoon, my favourite toddler, during the Tony Anthony’s Taming The Tiger outreach event. Wanted to let Emily (her mom) concentrates on Tony’s testimony, so I gleefully carry Michelle around the back of the hall.

Anyway, the outreach event was great. Souls were saved, and many were encouraged. Will update on this next time soon.

After the Easter sunrise service this morning (started agonizingly early at 7:30am!), drove to Sri Petaling to have dim sum with Emily, Michelle, Fannie, Kevin Goh, Eileen and Andy Tan. I’m at Fannie’s place now, hanging out before sending Kevin and Andy off to Plaza Rakyat (they are taking bus back to Singapore today). Took alot of photos of and with Michelle, but will update later. Now busy playing a card game called Citadels. This game is really fun. Those that hearts strategy card game must definitely check this one out.

After hours of alliance, revenge, fear and pure greed…yours truly, tankiasu, emerged as the champion. And the vengeful player, Andy Tan, ended up last with a pathetic 10 points! Kakakaka…

What a enjoyable way to spend a relaxing Easter Sunday. Check out the interesting characters available in this game:


One thought on “My Favourite Toddler – Episode III

  1. Praise God for the 20 souls saved! 🙂 And some more in my church and all over the world. The heavens must be rejoicing!Michelle is sooooo adorable and sweet. She’ll grow up to be very beautiful, I’m sure.

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