Random Reflections

Thank God its Monday?

It’s Monday again. 1 hour to lunch, 6 1/2 hours to freedom, 2 days to cheap movie at cinema, 4 days to food bloggers meet, 5 days to relaxing weekend, unknown days to new camera.


What to eat leh later?!?


6 thoughts on “Thank God its Monday?

  1. It’s funny but my favourite day of the week is Monday. By Friday, I’ll be burnt out. Recharged on Saturday and Sundays in church and at home with my family…then all set for Monday! 😀 I’m most productive when it’s Monday afternoon with scorching heat outside. Please don’t rain, I’ll be as lembap as the weather hehe

  2. preciouspea – Not garang, just a fake emo pose for the camera! tummythoz – Nah, I’m happy all de time! Just hungry and sleepy, that’s all.caramelodrama – Kekeke..yea you’re funny. How can you be productive when its scorching hot?! I need to conduct a study on you, a rare species. I don’t really have a favourite day, but do fancy Fridays as it is the only day when I can stay up real late. Spiritually I’m recharged during the weekend, but not physically though. Sometimes more hectic than weekdays!

  3. oi..dun eat..diet diet diet..hahahahai just watched some random show called work out..these trainers all onli 10% body fat..come n join me reduce body fat hahaha..i got 25% ler..

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