Lemongrass Cafe at Sunway Pyramid

No Lemongrass, this is not a tribute to you.

Was window-shopping one fine day at Sunway Pyramid. Dinner time arrived, so have to quickly find a place to eat before the movie time. So after walking for what seems to be a marathon, I was attracted to this “billboard”:

This Lemongrass Cafe is one of those kopitiam-styled cafes that are mushrooming all over the major cities in Malaysia lately. This particular one offers only local food, mainly spicy ones.

One look at the menu instantly reminded me of cafes such as the Uncle Lim’s Cafe. You can find popular local dishes such as nasi lemak, assam laksa, curry laksa, kuey teow soup and fish ball noodle.

And similar like Uncle Lim’s, you have to queue up at the counter to order your food, and carry it yourself to the table. This self-service is a good thing, cause it also means that you won’t be paying any service charge.

Because it was already about 9pm, most of the options were already unavailable. Wanted to try their Nasi Kerabu, but have to order the Nasi Kuning instead. The Nasi Kuning (RM5.90) comes with 4 different options, either Chicken Rendang, Beef Rendang, Sambal Sotong or Fried Chicken. I opted for Chicken Rendang.

The yellow rice was surprisingly good (why am I saying it was surprising?!). The rice is very fragrant and I can taste some hints of turmeric and ginger. One thing I wish they would have done is to garnish some extra fried shallots on top. The Chicken Rendang tasted pretty nice too, though I must say it should be spicier. The sambal given is lacking kicks as well.

Their Assam Laksa (RM4.90) was a slight disappointment. The fish-based broth was pretty ordinary, and just like their Chicken Rendang, it was not spicy enough. They were quite generous with the amount of ingredients they put in. In my humble opinion, the taste and smell of the Jusco’s Assam Laksa are much delish!

For dessert/side dish, I ordered the Home Made Yam Cake (RM4.50). It was pretty good, but I feel its overpriced. I probably can get the same portion elsewhere for almost half that price?

The drinks there are slightly overpriced as well. Both the Fresh Soya Bean and Iced Lemon Tea cost RM3.00 each.

Will probably come back again to try their other items on the menu. Nothing fantastic or special, but it is a nice alternative for me when I’m looking for a no-frills, affordable, fast and filling meal. Especially when rushing to eat before a movie.

Lemongrass Cafe

Address: G1.45(A), Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre, Bandar Sunway, PJ.

Telephone: 03-7494 1168

* 5% government tax applies


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