Wong Hoi San Pepper Mixed Pork Soup in Taman Midah

Supposed to meet up with friends at a western food cafe to celebrate Andy’s birthday, but I reached Taman Midah in Cheras about an hour and a half early. And with my stomach making so much noise, I decided to grab something to eat first.

It was raining cats and dogs at that moment, so I thought to myself, its a perfect setting to have a steaming hot mixed pork pepper soup! Usually I would think twice before taking this, as my body would feel very “heaty” after consuming those black pepper. But I’m not going to deprive myself of the wonderful food this time.

This particular stall in located just along the main road of Taman Midah. The whole stretch in front of the shophouses are occupied by numerous food stalls. At the beginning of that stretch (unofficially known as Wai Sik Kai/Glutton Street), is a shop with a big signboard stated proudly “Wong Hoi San’s Pepper Mixed Pork Soup“. My dad used to bring me here pretty often, as he is a pork-lover as well. Kekeke…typical China-men huh?

Once you are seated (either on the shoplot’s walkway or the stall itself), a foreign waitress will quickly attend to you, bringing a menu for you. This menu is a heaven-sent for those who can’t read Chinese, or unfamiliar with this delicacy. Every item is listed with a photo, and written in both Chinese and English. Prices are shown too, so there’s no risk of being ripped off.

The pepper mixed pork soup or pig’s organ soup itself comes in 4 different sizes. A small one will cost you RM4.50, with additional pig stomach it would be RM6.50. A medium-sized is priced at RM10.00 and the big one costs RM15.00. I rationally opted for the small with additional pig stomach, although my stomach is telling me to go for the medium one.

The rice comes separately, and its charged separately too. If I’m not mistaken each bowl of rice cost RM0.60 or RM1.00. But it would be foolish if you do not have rice with the soup, as they goes along very well!

Once you make your order, the owner/boss/sifu/chef will promptly scoop the soup together with the spare parts from a giant wok. The soup is constantly heated, so the soup is warm and slightly simmering when served.

I was glad I ordered the small one as the portion is pretty substantial for one person. Ok, when even tankiasu thinks that its substantial, that actually says a lot! The bowl is filled to the brim with assorted parts of the poor pig. You can find pig intestines, stomach, blood cubes, pork slices, and strips of salted vegetable at the bottom.

It’s best to eat them together with some freshly-sliced red chillies in dark soy sauce. Or you can mixed your rice with the pepperish soup, and let it “burn” in your stomach. Yummmm….

The soup here is not as pepperish as some would like it, I guess they wanna cater to as many people as possible. So those who can’t take too spicy stuff, might wanna try this one out. No complain about the meat and the organs itself though.

Usually people would just eat plain white rice with the soup and the parts, but I requested the owner to pour some curry on my rice instead. I don’t really fancy eating rice with soup.

For drink, I ordered a glass of Iced Sea Coconut (RM1.20). This refreshing drink is perfect to neutralise the hot/heaty pepperish soup that might gives you stomach aches, or even fever for those weaker ones.

There are many other items that I would love to try but unable to on that day, as me alone would not be able to finish them. High on my list of “must-try” would be the Braised Pig Intestine (RM6.00).

The lady boss also recommended Curry Wild Boar to me, so I guess it must be one of their best-seller as well. They hang up few menu boards there, so you can just choose whatever that sounds good to you.

Overall, I would rate this stall quite highly. Not just because I love pork, just like a normal Chinese would, but because of the wide varieties of other type of food available there. And of course, I really feel the price here is very reasonable. This highly-satisfying meal costs me less than RM9.00, and the portion is so big that I didn’t even have to add extra rice like I normally do. Go all you non-Halal food lovers!!!

Warung Makanan Wong Hoi San/ Wong Hoi San Pepper Pig’s Organ Soup

Address: Gerai 2 & 3, Jalan Midah Besar,
              Taman Midah, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur

* from Jalan Cheras, turn right into Jalan Midah Besar. The stall would be on your left, right opposite the Restoran Durbar.


8 thoughts on “Wong Hoi San Pepper Mixed Pork Soup in Taman Midah

  1. i hvnt tried this place but i quite like the pan meen down the road. i always asked for the hand shredded one with soup, very nice leh the old lady cooked.
    have you ate at Jun Kee… the corner shop after RHB Bank? very nice dishes there.

  2. I know this place! 😀 Okay, I’ll go try one of these days. You know Daryl, your blog has helped me unblock my mental block when it comes to choosing a place to eat! hehehe sounds funny but it’s true! I can remember the yummy pictures you post and I’ll just suggest to my friends and family “let’s go there!” Wah…now they think I’m so full of ideas on where to eat but credits to you! I’ll recommend them your blog 😀

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