Dry Loh Shue Fun at Restoran Seng Lee

Anybody working in Damansara Heights/Bukit Damansara would be very familiar with this restaurant. This old, dark and smoky kopitiam is like a spot of heaven, surrounded by hell of mediocre food in this neighbourhood. Once in a while, me and my colleagues will make the 10-mins walk pilgrimage to the Promised Land, to get a taste of some real and non-halal Chinese food!

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This particular restaurant is one of the two Chinese kopitiams in that row of shophouses. Both are extremely crowded during lunch time on weekdays, so be there early to avoid disappointment, and to avoid being frustrated by inconsiderate patrons that refuse to leave but continue chatting for another 10/15 minutes! Grrr….

The char koay teow stall here is considerably very famous among foodies and KLites, and it has been blogged about many times before. But Restoran Seng Lee is more than just the tasty Char Koay Teow (which standard has dropped recently IMHO). At the opposite side of the restaurant you will see a humble-looking old couple, selling Pork Noodle.

My ex-colleague Angel boldly claimed that this is the best dry loh shue fun in the world! Well I’m not sure its the best in the world, but definitely one of the best I’ve ever tasted so far. This dry version comes with a bowl of light soup with assorted mixed of pork organs (spare parts). The noodle is smooth and nicely-absorbed with the fragrant taste of the sauces. I can assure you that one small plate of the Loh Shue Fun is never enough.

The soup itself is ok. Tasted alright but its obvious that a lot of MSG has been added into it. You can find all kinds of pork organs in it, including the vital lards!

By request, you can put in an additional poached egg into the soup. The soup will then look slightly milky, with a sweeter taste than the original one.

Each bowl of this heavenly Dry Loh Shue Fun costs RM3.50 for a small one, and RM4.00 for a big one. I consider that a very small price to pay for this wonderful noodle, especially in the foodies’ hell of this Halal-land aka Damansara Heights.

Restoran Seng Lee

Address: 8-6, Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights 50490 KL.

Telephone: 03-2094 2154

Operating Hours/Days: 8am to 3pm, closed on Sundays & public holidays


2 thoughts on “Dry Loh Shue Fun at Restoran Seng Lee

  1. you are back! how was melaka..shit shu fun looks good..but ordinary..though its a wonder how ordinary food can taste like especially at lunch time..

  2. This stall is not good at dry lou shu fun only ! The soup noodles is the best also,especially adding some special ingredientlikes….fish ball(fook chew fish ball),Kinney,egg & etc. Then the soup will very tasty ,that’s you will never try before. And I was disagreed with you, saying that the stall putting a lot of MSG. The soup was tasty is not just adding a lot of the MSG only. The soup tasty is because of the ingredient in the bowl of soup that the stall lady cooks(secret ingredient) plus the meat that she cook for your bowl of noodles,that’s the reason I ask your to added some special ingredient(especially minced pork) into your bowl of noodles,then your soup will be very tasty. The lady who cook in this stall have many years(more then 20’s years) of cooking experienced. I noticed that she also know how to cook carry laksa ,fried keaw teaw & prawn mee and all the dish that she makes are the best.But to bad she can’t open too much stall by her own,because of the qualities controls of the foods.

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