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Noodles at Restoran Hong Seng, SS17

Revisited Restoran Hong Seng in Section 17, PJ one fine afternoon for lunch with my colleagues. I’ve blogged about the nice “siew yuk” here before, but this time we were aiming for the noodle stalls instead.

For me, I opted for the Curry Mee, and boy was I glad I did. Gotta say it is simply delicious. The curry mee here is the type with considerable amount of lemak (coconut milk). The curry will leaves a tinging sensation on your tongue, but not too spicy till it burn your stomach.

This enormous bowl of Curry Mee comes with fresh cockles *yummm*, crunchy long beans, fluffy tofu pok, “fu zhuk”, and the irresistable pork skins! Certainly not often you can find Curry Mee served with pork skins anymore nowadays. The only thing missing from this wonderful dish its a power-packed sambal chilli paste. The sambal here lacks the “omph” factor. But it is still good enough to enhance the taste of the Curry Mee when you add in a spoonful of ’em into the curry.

Rachel ordered the Hakka Mee, which was a total disappointment. She commented that the noodle was too soft, and slighly too bland. She also felt that the owner wasn’t too generous with the amount of minced pork, which is an essential part of Hakka Mee. Conclusion: Avoid at all cost!

For Su Wai, her favourite noodle is always has been Wantan Mee. So after introducing her to the great wantan mee in Restoran Okay, she was eager to try the one here. And it resulted in our second disappointment of the day. Not to say that it s**ks, but it was pretty ordinary. Su Wai gave it a rating of 6/10. I guess the bar has been raised considerably high since the discovery of Restoran Okay.

After two disappointments, we finally hit a jackpot. The surprise star of the day was the Fried Sui Kow (Dumpling), from the Yong Tau Fu stall. The skin is deep-fried till crispy and nice, while the “body” of the sui kow is stuffed generously to gives an immense satisfaction of biting them. While it lacks the minced pork that I like, it is packed with heaps of water chestnuts, mushroom, Chinese cabbage, slices of carrot and some diced prawn. A definite must-order for all dumplings lover.

Eat them with the sweet sauce and chilli sauce provided by the stall, and you will come back for more soon!

Restoran Hong Seng

Address: Jalan 17/29, Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya (same row as Sports Toto and Magnum 4D)

Operating Hours/Days: Early morning till 2/3pm. Closed on Mondays


7 thoughts on “Noodles at Restoran Hong Seng, SS17

  1. i saw the see hum..and the zhu pei..wah lau..essential stuff to curry mee..i seen a place that puts curry chicken in curry thats the ultimate..

  2. wah.. u know i’m now in Perth, Australia..
    when i saw all those mouth-watering food.. i very hungry n thirst for it…
    how i wish i can eat those food again..
    i miss Msia

  3. This particular curry mee has been rated highly by Eating Asia & the siew york excellent by many others.some months back.
    Tho V believe the curry mee is a bit too mild for our overseasoned diehard palates and then also no chicken meats !

  4. zjchen – You like curry mee with curry chicken? Try the dry curry mee at SS2. Nice!kimmy_cjy – Kekeke…Perth also got alot of fantastic HK food what! I miss authentic HK food in Australia u know?tonixe – I didn’t thought of the absence of chicken meat until you mentioned it. Yea, would’ve been better with it eh.limmeiyen – Kekeke…but don’t try the Hakka Mee yah! preciouspea – Will try the fried fu zhuk one day. So what did you have for lunch?

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