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Singaporean Woman Die due to Work Stress

A Singaporean women recently died due to overworking. While the actual cause of death is Pulmonary Embolism, which is a result of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), the doctor concluded that she got this condition due to the long hours sitting in the office as well as during the weekends when she worked at home. Read about her story on her friend’s blog: Kaiyan, and on a news website: AsiaOne Digital

May she rest in peace

Apparently the woman (May Leong) blogged about her stress and frustration at work just days before her tragic death. She was ranting about how heavy her workload is, and questioning whether its worth the pay she gets as a contract worker at Hewlett-Packard Singapore. You can read her last posting here.

So friends and workaholics out there, please take some time off to get some rest and chill out. Even if you are facing tight deadlines, the least you can do is to stand up and spend few minutes walking around the office. Your life is definitely more precious than your paychecks, no matter how “fat” it is.

Take care people!

Quote: “I don’t wanna end up dead for the sake of dough” (May Leong) 


3 thoughts on “Singaporean Woman Die due to Work Stress

  1. Anonymous says:

    so sad:(i also heard that one of the reasons why people get cancer is because of lack of rest.*yikes*take carez everyone:)

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