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Thai Fair 2007 at Hartamas Shopping Centre

Alerted of the annual Thai Fair at Hartamas Shopping Centre when masak-masak blogged about it recently. So the very next day I hauled my 3 colleagues along with me to check it out.

you reached the Ground Floor of the posh shopping mall, the sight of
numerous stalls selling Thai-related products will greet you. Because
we were so hungry, we walked straight to the Thai Food stalls.

what a sight to behold, with all the colourful noodles and ingredients
in separate baskets. Just looking at those resulted in my stomach noise
increased few hundreds more decibels! *kruk kruk kruk*

look at the photos yourself, how can you not be hungry right? Below are
the close-up photos of the seafood they used for the Thai Curry and
Tomyam noodles.

they received the orders, one of the staff will pick the selected type
of noodle and the ingredients and put them into foam bowls. Then the
other staff will pour the broth (either Thai Curry or Tom Yam) into it,
and voila, a mouth-watering Thai noodle!!

The Thai Curry Noodle (RM5)
is the version where heaps of santan (coconut milk) are added into it.
Taste wise, both Rachel and Su Wai loved it, although I felt it wasn’t
spicy enough. But its worth eating just for the unique taste of the
Thai Curry itself (instead of emphasis on spicyness).

The Tom Yam Noodle (RM5)
was very nice too. When I first started eating them, I told my
colleagues it wasn’t spicy enough. But minutes later sweats start
pouring down my face.
It wasn’t the best Tom Yam I ever had, but still a very good one I
reckon. The seafood was very fresh, and heaps of coriander leaves are
added in to enhance the flavour.

Besides the noodles, there are many other type of food and desserts as well, such as Kerabu Mango, Nasi Kunyit Mango, Pad Thai, Otak-otak (my personal favourite), and etc.

* Thai-styled Otak-otak

Just next to our table, one staff was busy making Khanom Bueng Thai (Thai Pancake).
It was being sold for RM3 for 5 pieces, and RM5 for 10 pieces. It is
one of the more popular item of this Thai food stalls. I bought a pack
home, and it tasted so good. Crispy outside, and sweet inside. Yummm…

Most of the items are already packed into foam boxes, so you can just pick one and bring it to your table.

am not sure what these two items are called, but they tasted alright.
You are to eat them with the chilli sauce given, not very different
from those fried snacks ala-Malay.

Another food that got my attention was the Nasi Kunyit Mango (Sticky Rice with Mango). Made into two different colours, they are placed in 2 big baskets (I thought they looked really similar to Loh Mai Kai! ), and some fresh mangoes are placed in front of them.

is basically the two different coloured sticky rice, poured with
generous amount of coconut milk, and then slices of fresh mangoes on
top. It is very sweet, but very very delicious.

* the giant Loh Mai Kai

For drinks and desserts, there are ample number of selections as well. My colleagues all ordered the “Tub Tim Krob” (RM3), a kind of Sago and Water Chestnuts with Coconut Milk. All of them apparently like it a lot.

for me, I was being abit unadventurous, and ordered their Ice-Blended
Coffee (Nescafe to be specific). Eating the fiery Tom Yam with this
ice-cold drink was simply fantastic.

Besides these, you can also find Longan Drink, and fresh fruit juice (blended right in front of you).

are also other stalls set up selling Thai instant noodles, snacks and
even clothings! So one-hour lunch is definitely nowhere near sufficient
to check them all out. Especially with the limited seats and tables,
you might have to wait to get one.

* Crowded with office workers walloping the delicious and cheap food

* my colleagues (the male colleague requested to be censored) watching the staff preparing the desserts.

* brisk business throughout

* 5 packets for RM3

* Thai-made clothings?

So what are you guys waiting for? Rush right now to Hartamas Shopping Centre (Plaza Damas) and get a dose of Siam-ness. I feel like a Thai tonight!!

Thai Fair @ Hartamas

Duration: 27th of April – 22nd of May

Address: Ground Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Sri Hartamas 50480 KL

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9 thoughts on “Thai Fair 2007 at Hartamas Shopping Centre

  1. hey there. i remember you. we did met at food bloggers gathering. so i heard bout this hartamas tom yam. my office just accross the shopping mall. very good huh the tom yam?

  2. kampungboycitygal – Agree, but not easy to find the clear tomyam version here though.limmeiyen – So have you try them yet?Adele_CSI – Your sis called me the other day to ask for direction to the Thai Fair. Did you followed her?jason – Why la? No tomyam at your place there?wmw – ought to go again then! taichyuan – Come back during your summer holiday la, then can makan till u happy!Riz Ainuddin – Oh u still remember huh? The tom yam is not bad at all, although it won’t be the best you’ve ever had la. Worth trying.

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