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Food & Tea Hong Kong Cafe at Berjaya Times Square

Was in Berjaya Times Square, Imbi few weeks ago to catch a movie (Wild Hogs, very hilarious by the way ). Reached there an hour early, so decided to have dinner first with the guys.

The foodcourt at this shopping mall is one of the worst I’ve ever tried, so it’s a big no no. Also tried most of the restaurants on 4th Floor, and I was determined not to eat any fast food. I think Michael aka suingau suggested to us the HK cafe just next to the cinema.

Named “Food & Tea” in English to rhyme with their Chinese name “Fun Hei Dei” (Happy Land), this cafe is not unlike those typical Hong Kong-styled cafes that are invading our Boleh-land in the past few years.

The selections are pretty much the same as other HK cafes as well, with huge varieties of baked rice, Asian-ised spaghetti, pork chop rice, Nissin noodle (glorified version of instant noodle) and etc.

The usual HK’s appetizers/desserts are at offer too here, such as different type of toasts, Macau’s Pork Chop Burger, and others.

As you can see from the menus, the price here is pretty ok, as compared to some other more expensive HK restaurants such as Causeway Bay at Low Yat Plaza.

After deliberating for a long time, I set my eyes on the Sliced Beef in Black Pepper Sauce Baked Spaghetti (RM7.80). I’m sure they can come out with a shorter name than that. Anyway, surprisingly I liked it quite a lot, even though I’m not a big fan of Asian-ised spaghettis. The black pepper sauce is made just nice and not too salty, and the beef were fresh and still springy. They are very generous with the amount of beef, although the dish would look so much nicer if they add in some vegetables.

Michael went for the Baked Rice with Sliced Beef in Twin Sauce (RM11.60). Although Michael did say it tasted good, I seriously feel this is one overpriced item. It is basically rice baked with cheese, topped with the twin sauce (sweetcorn white sauce and minced beef sauce), and added with minced beef, 3 small slices of braised beef and some corns on top.

Kevin’s Spicy Ramen set meal (RM8.80) fared worse. It is nothing but Nissin noodle added with some vege, a slice of tomato, some cabbages, and a stick of fried squid. But not that the cafe is trying to con the customers, as the Nissin label/logo was on the display picture, though amazingly all of us missed it! Kevin felt that it tasted spicy alright, but that was it.

The set meal also comes with a bowl of Ice Kacang, a very tall Ice Kacang. Tasted below average if I remember correctly.

The Iced Coffee with Cincau (RM3.50) was very enjoyable, despite the fact that I’m not a coffee-lover.

Overall, Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurants is not too bad I reckon. Nice enough to make me thinking of going back there to try other items on their extensive menu. And the fact that they are just next to the cinema helps too obviously. And those HK-styled food aficionados might wanna try them out as well.

Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurants

Address: 03-108 (3rd Flr), Berjaya Times Square, Jalan Imbi, 55100 KL

Telephone: 03-2145 2518

Operating Hours/Days: 11am – 10pm Daily

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7 thoughts on “Food & Tea Hong Kong Cafe at Berjaya Times Square

  1. This restaurant is worst and sometimes the waiter and waitress service was annoy too!!! The beverage is sucks but the food and price were still ok.I just work very near there sometimes I just no choice and I might eat there as convenience.
    Can’t imagine the waiter said this to me: “why you duwan to order drinks?!! Is that the drinks here very sucks.” he talk it very rudely….. me and frens shocked by staring at him. From that time I boycott this restaurant already

  2. Sometimes I wonder, why can’t they serve better and more quality meals just like the Hongkies did… If I am to bring my HK friend to such place to eat, she’ll sure complaint non-stop… Buat malu saja…

  3. I did not go to the KL branch ‘Fun Hei Dei’ but had been to the Tebrau Jusco JB branch. And I agreed with fattien and tummythoz too  that the service is damn poor! I went with my hubby and mum, at the entrance i signal to one waiter, he just simply stared at me. The 2nd time i signal to him, telling him we need a seat for 3, he again stared at me and look at me in a challenging way, like saying “why, what you want?” Another waiter came and lead us to a table and hand us 3 menus. Then, here comes a so-called ‘pretty’ waitress. Walk to us reluctantly, slowly as if she’s critically ill, to our table, stand in front of us, don’t even gives us a smile. Stared at us, waiting for us to make order. When my mum asked her to explain certain items in the menu, she didn’t even want to open her mouth and answer. So we just anyhow pick a few dishes. And then, she slowly and reluctantly walked back to the counter to make order. From the beginning till this moment, not even a smile on her face, look and walk like a zombie.
    Then when she’s back to the counter with those waiters, i saw her smiling so brightly to the guys and joking, playing with them, and was very amazing is that, when it’s time for her to face us, her cold face came out again!!~ Very good actress. like to pretend. But shouldn’t she show smiling face to customers rather than her own people? We paid money to see a zombie face and this kind of service?!~
    And remember the waiter who stared at me without any response? He once in a while stared at me when i look at him, together with this zombie waitress, they two make a match. I think it’s quite unfair for the other waitresses and waiters who really work hard. But in general, the service and food really not up to standard. I wonder what are the boss doing? If she/he is to let this kind of service workers working in the restaurants, sooner or later, we can expect how good will the business go on, if no improvement is being made. Don’t forget, out there in the market are so many HK style restaurant that provides good quality food and service.

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