Random Reflections

Bad News

Doctor just diagnosed me with Lymphadenitis!! Everybody please pray for me. All the symptoms are coming one by one. Now feeling very feverish as well.


16 thoughts on “Bad News

  1. take care brudder..time to take mc and rest heaps..i actually had to google what you had..shouldn b life endangering rite?? looks like you cah spend time doing your outdated food review..because you wont b doin any new 1s soon

  2. hey Daryl, please take care! will pray for u..sorry about the monday alor fd crawl..kgboy can’t make it..without him i have no transport..haha..will u be free on friday?? anyway..please take care

  3. adele_CSI – Dangerous your head!elsawong – Thanks for your prayer.richardling – Drinking lots trust me. Thanks for praying!jacksonkah – I hope so too, thanks.bi_said – Some sort of bacterial infection I think. Thanks for praying.zjchen – Kakaka..yes you are right, heaps of pending food reviews yet to be worked on. citygal – Oh I see. You are suggesting this Friday or next Friday? Both seems fine to me.tummythoz – Kekeke..you are scared because I might have infected you guys or what? A lymph in my throat is inflamed. Thanks for your concern. awhiffoflemongrass – Thanks!

  4. Think eat too much exotic food la… must eat porridge to dilute it back, so will infect wan ah…

    So this Sat EB meet you coming??? Anyway, elders will pray for you there la… heal faster…

    Yes, will keep you in prayers.

  5. oh dear, i just read this.. hope my wishes are not too late! but you do look fine when we had lunch that day! so lively and chatty somemore..have a good rest, drink lots of h2o and take good care of yourself!

  6. preciouspea – Thanks alot.taichyuan – Thanks for the concern.Sarah_Tan – Domo arigato!eVeNsTranGer – No, I refuse to eat porridge!! God willing I’ll be there at the meeting. Thanks for praying bro.sc_food4thot – Yea it haven’t “fatt chok” at the moment I guess. Thanks, I am drinking gallons after gallons of h2O now!!

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