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Lunch with Food Bloggers at Maju Palace

After the RSVP KLUE event at the Sandias, I finally got a
chance to meet up with fellow food bloggers again, albeit a much smaller
gathering. Last week, me and SC from food4thot, tummythoz, and Joe from Lots of
had lunch together at Maju Palace,
a halal dim sum restaurant reviewed earlier by SC. This is one of the many premium Chinese restaurants in KL under the Oriental Group‘s chain.


Parking was a breeze, as there were plenty of parking spots,
and right outside the restaurant itself as well, on Level 5. The only thing is
you would have to go up a narrow and super winding ramp in order to get to that
level. The crowd in the restaurant is starting to build up by the time I got
there, at about 12:35pm.


Not going to talk about every single item we had that day,
as SC got it pretty much all covered previously. But will point out some really
nice ones and some that you might want to avoid.


This “sui kow” look-a-like is very good, although I’m not
sure of its name. Generous amount of chunky prawns inside, making it nice to
bite.  The prawns are mixed together with
minced chicken instead of pork, but you won’t mind about the difference as it
is equally tasty, and very juicy too.


The “Ma Lai Kou” (Malay Cake?), another winner that you must
order. Tasted fantastic when we ate it while it was still warm. Layers of sweet
custard compliments nicely with the soft texture cake.


Their halal-version of “Wu Kok”, fares not as good as
others. One bite into it and you’ll immediately will be able to taste the
difference. The nice presentation ain’t enough to neutralize my disappointment.


The “Char Siew Bao” (no relation to Xiu Long Bao’s
boyfriend) also not up to my standard. Once again, somehow chicken does
not  “perform” well to substitute pork as
the main ingredient for this famous bun.

The other food was ok, nothing spectacular but definitely
one of better halal dim sums I had for quite some time.

* The metrosexual Joe

The fellowship we had that afternoon was far more wonderful
though. Because there were only 4 of us, we really got to get to know each
other more, and act more like ourselves (at least for me lah). Must have
similar gatherings more often I reckon. Any interested food bloggers?

* The graceful hands of the 2 female food bloggers!

Maju Palace Restaurant

Address: Level 5, Maju Junction Mall, 1001, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 KL.

Telephone: 03-2691 8822 Fax: 03-2691 3822

Operating Hours/Days: 11:30am – 3:00pm, 6:00pm – 11:00pm Daily


10 thoughts on “Lunch with Food Bloggers at Maju Palace

  1. how come i didnt know my picture was taken..? know come to think about it..i thought the ma lai kou was was chunky..and not light..but yea more about it when i post up my review..soon..but..i thought the wu kok was ok wor..haha..different taste buds i guess..

  2. Nice gathering 🙂 Although I’m a bit skeptical about halal dim sum, but no harm to try right? Lemme guess… 1st hand is SC, 2nd is tummythoz 😛

  3. oh shoots! should have done some manicure! my fingers looks horrendous (and fat!)..hahaha, and tummy’s looks freaky! ;p.. yeah, like i said to joe, halal dimsums can never beat their porky counterparts. sad about the malaikow though..i mean, i’m not a fan, but my boss was really raving bout it..glad that we met and yes, you were different compared to Sandias…

  4. zjchen – What do you mean? I wasn’t discreet at all when I took your picture. And wah, our tastebuds really are quite different huh? taichyuan – Sure can. Just let me know when you’ll be back!jason – Yea it was nice indeed. And wow, didn’t know you have a fetish for hands. Like that also can guess?!? sc_food4thot – Kekeke…I’m sure it was my substandard photographic skills, and nothing is wrong with your fingers. Tummy’s looks freaky meh? Me different eh? See told you all I’m shy wan la.limmeiyen – No worries mate. We’ll set up another mini-meet pretty soon k?

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