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Queen’s Fried Chicken at Peel Road

Jalan Peel or Peel Road
as it is known among my family and friends got to be one of the most
under-publicized, under-visited, under-appreciated and under-blogged. My family
has been eating at this food haven for decades (no kidding), even before the
emergence of the now more famous “tai-chow” stalls along this road,
such as “Chui Mao”.

This Peel Road, that runs
parallel to the main Jalan Cheras, is dotted with different types of eateries.
At the beginning of the road, you can find mamaks and Malay food stalls, at the
junction of Peel Road and Shelly
Road, you will find the Wai Sik Kai-styled hawker
stalls and the Restoran Queen’s. Opposite this restaurant, would be the
imposing Carrefour shopping and apartment complex. On the other corner of the
junction, the newly-built Queen’s Park offers an Australian Harbour Town-styled
shopping experience. And at the ending part of the road, a number of
“tai-chow”s awaiting you.

Today, I will just be focusing on the Queen’s fried chicken, as well as the Ah
Wah Grill Wings. These two items are a must-have for me everytime I pay a visit
to this place. Both stalls are located at the above-mentioned Restoran Queen’s.
You have to believe me when I tell you that they are the best fried chicken in
KL (at least), and one of the best grilled chicken wings in KL (at least again

Okay, let’s talk about the Queen’s Fried Chicken first. I’ve
seen this brand name before, but I believe the name of this stall derived from
the name of the restaurant that is hosting it, and have nothing to do with the
Queen’s fried chicken franchise elsewhere.

I still remember how thrilled I was every time my dad “tah
pau” this fried chicken home for me, and sometimes on weekend, will bring the
whole family there to eat. At that time, an old uncle used to operates it,
until he passed away last year. Now, his son, Tai, has taken over the shop.

Most of the time, you would not be able to see a lot of
chicken on display, because as soon as they are fried, they will be snapped up
by those who want to take away, or served to waiting customers dining at the
restaurant. So you will see Tai patiently fry those marinated chicken with
extremely hot oil, and walking to and fro the storage room where he keeps the

Tai operates this stall alone, but the waiting time usually
would not exceed more than 10 minutes. Although you might have to wait awhile
before putting those piping hot fried chicken into your mouth.

But even before you put them into your mouth, the smell of
this freshly fried chicken will be enough to convince you of all the things I’m
telling you right now. The obviously well-seasoned chicken gives out a very
unique aroma that sets it apart from any other fried chicken. For best effect,
place the chicken in your car and drive home. Let the aroma and smell of the
hot fried chicken filled the whole of the car, and try your best not to eat
them till you get home. Kekeke….

Sometimes I purposely “tah pau” home instead of dining
there, so that I can eat my favourite fried chicken with my favourite chili
sauce, Lingham’s!

When you bit into it, you will know how crunchy and crispy
the skin is, and the meat is so juicy and tender as well. Take my word, this is
definitely the best hawker’s fried chicken ever!

Oh have I tell you the price? Kekeke..this is the most
amazing part of this stall. Each fried chicken, is priced at only RM1.70! And
you can even choose whichever part of the chicken without being charged extra
for more popular drumsticks, or thighs.

Besides fried chicken, you can also find other snacks such
as French fries, chicken balls, hotdogs, and other skewer food.

So instead of paying RM8.50++ for 3 pieces at KFC, or RM2.50
for a piece of cold, hard and bland fried chicken at mamaks, why not pay RM1.70
for a piece of what might be possibly the best fried chicken?

Now let me introduce you to the Ah Wah Grill Wings. Not to
be mistaken with the much more famous Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings on Jalan Alor, this
smaller stall is manned by two people. The one who grills would be the Mr. Ah
Wah himself, and he is assisted by a Burmese/Thai worker.


While the chicken wings here are not as good as the Wong Ah
Wah’s, they have something that Wong Ah Wah does not, which is their grilled
whole leg. Priced at RM4.00 for each whole leg (drumstick + thigh), this is
definitely a good bargain. They are barbequed to perfection, with just a little
burnt on the edge. The meat is succulent and tender, and just a little bit of
bloody part near the bone. Eat this with the chili sauce provided, oh just so


The BBQ chicken wings here are very nice too, and
considerably cheap at RM1.60 each. Besides these two, you can also get the
Grilled Spring Chicken at RM8.00 each. Eaten it only once a long time ago, so
can’t comment much about it.


It is not very hard to get here, although those that are not
familiar with Cheras might have some difficulties. This Restoran Queen’s is
right opposite the Carrefour hypermart.


Oh why not I just provide you guys with a map:

Queen’s Fried Chicken

Address: Restoran Queen’s
              96, Jalan Peel,
50400 KL.

Telephone: 016-979 2490 (Mr.Tai)

Operating Hours/Days: 7:00pm –
10:30pm (Closed on Mondays)

Ah Wah Grill Wings

Address: Restoran Queen’s
              96, Jalan Peel,
50400 KL.

Telephone: 016-272 8029 (Ah Wah)

Operating Hours/Days: 7:00pm –
11:00pm (Closed on Mondays)


11 thoughts on “Queen’s Fried Chicken at Peel Road

  1. limmeiyen – Kakakaka…let’s go eat chicken together!!preciouspea – Yea, I can feel soreness on my throat again. I pray its not lymphadenitis again! :O *gulp*tummythoz – How could you?!? So many gems in this small area! Have the next food crawl here? jason – You bet! Seriously, I love the chicken here more than KFC. But of coz no air-cond and comfy seats lah.

  2. The fried chicken stall so unique one. Most of those fried chicken stall will just fry as much as they can and just stack them up. But instead this stall will fry a small amount, and when going to finish they’ll fry another batch. *Fresh*~ Since I’m staying near there, I’ll go and give it a try once my sore throat is clear. 🙂

  3. the chicken looks awesome..i have a weakness for fried chicken haha..on another note..try to grab a copy of this mth klue mag..we are on it! woo hoo! 1st step to stardom

  4. cookies_cream – Oh, u also kena the sorethroat bug huh. Get well soon then. So you can join our Peel Road food crawl! jason – Some ppl cannot tahan wan la. Will complain hot la, smelly la, dirty la, too cheap la. zjchen – too, simply luv chicken! We are on KLUE mag? Kewl, will buy one soon! awhiffoflemongrass – I bet you do. But have you try this fried chicken??jacksonkah – Wah memang makan king yah u. So far from Klang go eat in Peel Road! *salute* When want to eat with me?

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