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Jalan Alor Food Crawl

Went out twice with 2 couples of food bloggers two weeks ago, to eat of course. After a lunch date with the fellow Damansara’s corporate slaves, namely xiulongbao and charsiewbao at Albert’s in Plaza Damas (read xiulongbao’s review), I went on a food crawl with the young and fresh couple of KampungBoyCitygal on Jalan Alor.

After some drama and delays which I am not going to elaborate for fear of xiulongbao’s wrath, we finally drove together from Damansara Heights to Jalan Alor. We managed to park our car legally after making 2 rounds of that neighbourhood, not too bad considering it was a Friday night.

Determined to conquer all the great food on this bustling street, we set our eyes on our first assault waypoint. We decided to attack the grilled seafood first, and singled out the Restoran Meng Kee Grill Fish. We only ordered Sambal Sotong and Grilled Stingray, as we wanted to reserve some stomach space for next assaults.

First up was the deliciously-looking Sambal Sotong (RM15). The squid tasted very fresh, and because of the sambal, curry leaves and onion, it doesn’t taste “fishy” at all. It was considerably spicy, so it is advisable to order sufficient drinks to counter it. I would give this Sambal Sotong a respectable 8 out of 10.

The Grilled Stingray (can’t recall the price) came soon after. I personally thought it was just above average, maybe midway between average and good? No doubt the stingray was fresh, but it lacked the extra punch. The taste on the skin and outer “layer” was good, but it didn’t goes all the way to the inner part. So a 6.5 out of 10 for this slightly spicy seafood.

* KampungBoy tediously finish off the stingray

After sweeping clean the two plates of seafood, I suggested to head to the noodle stall for Curry Laksa. But unfortunately, the stall was already half-way closing by the time we got there. So we walked all the way to the other end of Jalan Alor, to the famous Ngau Kee.

This stall is actually located on Tengkat Tung Shin, a road that runs parallel to Jalan Alor. I don’t think I need to give more introduction as I believe this would be one of the most well-known beef noodle in Kuala Lumpur. It was crowded as usual, but we managed to get a table near to the stall itself. After looking at their neon-lighted menu on the wall for awhile, both me and CityGal ordered a small Mixed Beef Noodle (RM4.50) while KampungBoy went for a small bowl of Mixed Beef (RM10.00).

After ordering only I found out that CityGal can’t really takes beef due to her religious belief. But apparently she’s one of those slightly “liberal” one, so she went ahead and ate the noodle, while giving away all the beef parts to KampungBoy. He commented that the beef noodle here is much better than Shin Kee‘s on Jalan Tan Cheng Lock. I totally agree with him, as the noodle here is much better with the right texture and taste. And so far, I believe Ngau Kee serves the best hawker-style beef balls in this city.

You can either choose the soup-based or the dry-based, and the options of Loh Shue Fun is available too. Another point worth mentioning is that this stall allows you to mix and match the beef parts as you wish. There are options ranging from beef balls, tendons, intestines, and tripes. We ordered the dry version which comes with minced beef and spring onions.

Of course, beef noodle is never complete with a butt-kicking chilli sauce. On every table, there is a cute-looking mini claypot that holds the reddish spicy chilli sauce as the perfect companion to the beef noodle.

We floated the idea of proceeding to the Wai Sik Kai on Jalan Sayur, Pudu, as our third and final assault, but wisely decided not to as our stomachs were already on the verge of bursting open. And it was already 12:30am by the time we walloped finish the beef noodles.

So that night we won the battle, but the war on Jalan Alor shall continue another day in the near future. Anybody interested to volunteer yourself to join this food army’s next expedition into this street/battlefield?


6 thoughts on “Jalan Alor Food Crawl

  1. i dont think it was that much wat..haha..i find ngau kee too salty..even when i was damn drunk i was still complaining damn salty so you can imagine how salty it was.. so whats it wif u going out with couples ar..haha where is ur gf? never take her along?

  2. sc – Ok, hopefully next time no beef!zjchen – Salty meh? We were not drunk and still don’t find it salty? I thought it was just nice. Maybe you didn’t mix the noodle well enough. Not exclusive for couples only, I invited u, tummy and sc what. But you all didn’t show up only mah.tummythoz – You sure its pork? Kakakaka….I can’t tell!! What’s wrong with me? Why did you stop going there?

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