Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings on Jalan Alor

Yet another famous stall that does not need further introduction. Wong Ah Wah has been the benchmark for all grilled chicken wings in Kuala Lumpur for years. In fact, whenever Jalan Alor is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind would most probably be Wong Ah Wah.

As their fame rises, so did their price. Now each chicken wing costs a cool RM2.00, considerably pricier than the usual RM1.30 to RM1.60 elsewhere. But then again, there is nothing usual about the Wong Ah Wah‘s outstanding taste.

The Restoran Wong Ah Wah (W.A.W) is crowded almost every night, not only with locals craving for their chicken wings, but with throngs of tourists as well. Besides the grilled chicken, they also offer seafood, and almost about 100 types of Chinese dishes. Some people actually come here just for their “tai chow” instead of their grilled chicken.

Okay back to the chicken, the first thing I noticed is all the hard works are now done by the foreign workers. While the Chinese senior staff/boss are “reduced” or more accurately, “promoted” to taking orders and take charge of payments.

They constantly grilled the chicken over the hot fire, as those done are promptly chopped up and served to the hungry customers.

Once you tasted this chicken wings, you will find it obvious that there are something special about them. I suspects they use some kind of unique Chinese cooking wine to marinade those wings, that gives them such a fragrant smell and taste.

Usually I would avoid those burnt parts like a plague, but for Wong Ah Wah‘s chicken wings, I found that those burnt parts are the one that makes me addicted to them. The skins is crispy and sweet, while the meat inside is still tender and juicy. The strong taste of the mysterious fragrant flavour can be found on both the skin and the meat as well.

If you are on Jalan Alor, please do not miss this. Heck, you should drive to Jalan Alor just for these deliciously chicken wings, even if you are far away. Trust me, the sensation you get once you sink your teeth into this wicked little wings and drumlets, you will find it is worth any massive traffic jam, the danger of being mugged, hours of searching for parking, or lymphadenitis that I got in my case.

Kedai Ayam Panggang Wong Ah Wah

Address: No 1, Jalan Alor, (Off Jalan Bukit Bintang)

              50200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2144 2463 / 2148 3413 (Ms. Wendy)


10 thoughts on “Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings on Jalan Alor

  1. haha chicken man..the next post about chicken spare parts maybe? chicken feet for dim sum?those chicken wings are is a serious addiction..imagine they serve this with beer in a cinema..wah..i can only imagine

  2. preciouspea – I bought 10 pieces I think. Not all for myself la, shared with friends. I’m fat, but not a monster ok?! :Pawhiffoflemongrass – Kakaka…you won’t be the first, some of my relatives have been calling me Chicken King for years liau. When the bird flu epidemic starts, I might be the first to die. Not of the virus but because of starvation! :Ozjchen – Kakakaka, strange, but I eat almost all parts of chicken except for its feet! You can only wish that they serve such a smelly (albeit a good smell) food in cinema.limmeiyen – Are you serious?! You so gotta join us for the next Jalan Alor food crawl then.jacksonkah – Like that also can?! Then how about those months of drooling over the food that you posted before?! You owe me a air ticket to Bangkok then!

  3. Jian and I passed by and she took a picture of the stall but didn’t buy any! We were already stuffed to the brim, unfortunately 😦 I didn’t think it could be so delicious although it’s famous, cos it looks just like any other roasted chicken wings. I must try it someday, and find out the “mysterious fragrant flavour” 🙂

  4. popchop – Oh, yes you two must try it! At first I thought the same too, didn’t think it’s any different from any other grilled chicken wings. But trust me, their version is outstanding! tonixe – I hope you are kidding, otherwise I would have to sue you for sexual harassment! Kekeke

  5. Hi, I’m thinking of going to Jalan Alor for dinner tomorrow night but not sure of the road from federal highway.Can anyone give directions please.Thanks a bunch.

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