Restoran Seng Lee at Jalan Batai

It was a hot afternoon today, but that didn’t stop me and my
2 colleagues from walking all the way from our office to the sacred food haven
of Jalan Batai. So after what seems to be an eternity of sunshine and flying
dust on the road, we reached the back row of the shophouses on Jalan Batai.

Our initial plan was to eat at the cornerlot shop at the end
of the row, but as usual it was full house. Time to demonstrate the teamwork of
the makan gang, so we stationed Kevin here while both me and Rachel walked to
Restoran Seng Lee to scout for table.

After about 7-8 minutes wait, we finally got a table, albeit
it being inside the smokey and dark restaurant.

I won’t say much about the food, cause by now most of you
would know that the food in Restoran Seng Lee is always good. Today Rachel went
for the Dry Wantan Mee (RM3.50), while I opted for one of boolicious’ favourite
here, the Curry Laksa (RM4.00).

Kevin is a fan of Rojak so he ordered a single serve of the
famous Penang Rojak (RM3.30). I’m not an expert when it comes to rojak, but
from what I heard from various sources so far, this should be one of the best
in town.

You can get this delicious Penang Rojak from an elderly couple that operates a stall on motorcycle parked right outside Restoran Seng Lee.

On the way back to the office, we walked past this weird but
striking looking fungus. Numerous of these bright orangish fungus growing on a
dead tree bark/branch. Suddenly tankiasu turns philosophical:

Life can be created with dead things. Good things can come
out of bad situations. So whosoever going through bad patch at this moment, you
can take heart!

Restoran Seng Lee

Address: 8-6, Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights 50490 KL.

Telephone: 03-2094 2154

Operating Hours/Days: 8am to 3pm, closed on Sundays & public holidays

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6 thoughts on “Restoran Seng Lee at Jalan Batai

  1. Penang rojak should be spicy enough, the prawn paste thick and stinky enough 🙂 Haha. I’m not used to seeing one stall selling wantan mee, laksa and curry mee together. Usually a vendor specialize only on one type of dish, if not the same type.

  2. haha..very shakspeare..that laksa looks damn creamy..and full of “liao” sommore..i almost wan to reach out for it..*ouch*..bangs nose on monitor hahahaha

  3. popchop – I agree with you about one stall selling diff types. But believe me, everything from this stall is top-notch! Somehow the 2 sisters managed to mastered both wantan mee and curry mee.zjchen – Glutton also can be poetic/philosophical wan mah. Oh yalor, the curry mee here is the super creamy version. I like it alot though.

  4. I love ur ‘sudden’ philosophical thought It’s indeed a very encouraging sentence that gives hope It reminds me of the bible verse : “all things work together for the good of those who love HIM”. There’s always something good that we can gain from the worst situations in life We need to have faith to trust GOD for that

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