Cutie pie

Yet another cutie appeared in my life.
Introducing, the future singer/dancer/artist: Jolene, the niece of Eileen Seng.

Simply a gift from the Lord!


8 thoughts on “Cutie pie

  1. very very cute! i tell you looking at small kids can really brighten up your matter how moody and how you just want to strangle the next person you see..dis fellows can smile at u..and it will all calm dwn..just like that..

  2. limmeiyen – Yea lovely eyes, but you gotta meet her to know why is she so adorable. She loves to sing, one super cheerful girl.zjchen – Wow, sounds like you are really ready to make one baby yourself! jason – And her smile, simply melts you away I tell you.sengeileen – That’s it, I’m so going to look for her again. Otherwise she’ll forget about me liau.

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