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Restoran Grandma Kitchen Cafe in Damansara Uptown

After having the horrible Hainanese chicken rice in Damansara Uptown, not surprisingly I was pretty less than happy. And because the futsal game was still an hour plus away, I decided to go to another eatery to try out and kill some time by readign newspaper too of course.

One restaurant with a big smiling old lady on their big signboard caught my attention. So after getting without much effort as it was a Sunday afternoon, I cooly walked in and was greeted by friendly waiters and waitresses. The restaurant’s interior is quite cosy, comfortable, and bright too. Only 2 other tables were occupied, understandbly so as it was about 3pm on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The menu is simple and nice, with pictures to make ordering an easier affair. Pricewise, it’s not exactly cheap, as most main noodle or rice dishes priced at about RM7-10. As I was still quite full with the horrible chicken rice, I opted for the dim sums rather than ordering a main dish.

The dim sum selections here are not very extensive, but you can find all the usual and popular ones, as well as some unique dim sums. Anyway, I ordered the Siew Mai (Shrimp with Pork Dumpling) and the Har Gao (Steamed Shrimp Dumpling). I usually uses these two as a benchmark to compare dim sum quality between different restaurants. They took awhile before serving my dim sums as they only steamed them once order is taken, to ensure the freshness.

The Siew Mai (RM3.80) comes in decent size. The shrimp is placed on top of the Siew Mai instead of the usual practise of putting it inside. Tasted not bad, not the best but I like the fact that they are not too porky and nice to bite.

The Har Gao (RM4.80) fared not too bad too. The shrimps tasted fresh but my one complaint is how easy the har gao broke up when I tried to pick them up with the chopsticks. Hmm..or maybe it has something to do with my chopstick skills?

Restoran Grandma Kitchen Cafe has a wide selection of drinks as well. I went for their Soya Cincau (RM2.60) that they served in jar instead of glass. I quite like it as its sweetness was just right and the texture was smooth. And at RM2.60 it is reasonably priced too.

I definitely won’t mind coming back to try out some other unique items on their menu, or to just chill out with friends on weekend. The dim sums tasted nice for sure, but the higher-than-usual price might deter me abit. Besides dim sum, and noodle, they also serve other Chinese dishes (tai chow), so maybe you might want to try them out for dinner with family or friends. The service is of top notch, even though they do not charge you any service tax.

Restoran Grandma Kitchen Cafe

Address: 6, Jalan SS 21/139,
              Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya

Telephone: 03-7722 1886

Operating Hours/Days: 10:30am to 10:30pm, Daily

* just few shops away from RHB Bank


8 thoughts on “Restoran Grandma Kitchen Cafe in Damansara Uptown

  1. eh! i wanted to try this place last year when i went home oso one… heard they have that pau where u slurp the soup inside thru a straw– did they have it when u went? anyways, wat a coincidence to meet a former adelaide student online! *waves at you* mind if i link u to my blog? and no, i dunno a gillian foo. which yr is she in?

  2. preciouspea – Ok no prob, will call you up.Jun – Oh you are talking about their version of Xiu Long Bao rite? Yea I wanted to order that on that day, but it was sold out. Yes, you are more than welcome to link mine up.

  3. Everytime when I pass by the place, it looks empty. So I dare not try the place. Anyway, I rather have my dim sum at a normal coffee shop sitting by the road side with a pot of tea. Oooh, now I’m thinking of Taman Megah dim sum. Yummy!!!

  4. actually service tax is basically what they have to remit to the govt…so nothing to do with the service ler..its the service charge (10%) that you pay for the “xtra” good service..
    once again, i only step into this area in a blue it will be some time..

  5. jacksonkah – Ok join us then next time!cutie – Yea I know what you mean. The next time I go there I would try their unique offerings, not those usual dim sums. Dim sum in Taman Megah? Where?! zjchen – Now you are confused yourself. Government tax (5%) is what they have to remit to the govt. I said “The service is of top notch, even though they do not charge you any service tax.” Correct la! Oh I fear for PWC for having a confused tax consultant like you. Kekekekeke…

  6. i frequent grandma’s quite often ever since my friend introduced it to me years back..i was told that the dimsum is prepared by HK chef.. you should try their porlor bun, panfried radish cake, stir fried radish cake and steamed pork ribs on chee cheong fun.. when will you be going again? may join you!

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