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Jarrod & Rawlins (Damansara Heights)

Joe was here in Damansara Heights, at his client’s place for a couple of days. So me,
xiulongbao and her charsiewbao had lunch with him at the posh Jarrod &

Heard many good things about
this restaurant, but somehow never get to check it out before. Their first
outlet is in Desa Sri Hartamas, while this one opened soon after. Housed in a cozy
bungalow, it is located in an unlikely location, right opposite towering
corporate towers. Of course, there are several signs to make sure you know this
is a restaurant.

Parking in this area is
horrendous, but guess what, you can just park inside the compound of this bungalow
as long as it’s not all spaces are filled up. No worries about blocking other
cars in the compound, as the mega-friendly waiters would help you to move the
car and re-park it!

Once you stepped in, the
first sight that will greets you is the food counter, not unlike those you can
find in supermarkets. This is where you will choose your food for the staff
to cook. More on that later. Jarrod & Rawlins claimed to be a purveyor of
fine food and wine, so of course you will find a rack full of wines as well.

Further ahead is the
staircase, where leads you to the garden outside, or the wooden terrace on the
upper floor. The garden looks lovely, with tables and seats on the covered area
as well as in the grassy area. Having a meal here would definitely give you a
homely feel, although it might be too hot during the day, and the threat of mosquitoes
during the night.

You can either order
ala-carte dishes from the menu itself, or as I mentioned earlier, choose your
food from the counter itself. Joe opted for their Duck Salad (RM23.00++ if I’m
not mistaken)
, while me and charsiewbao walked to the counter to choose ours.

There are many type of
sausages and meat to choose from, besides cheeses and various vegetables.
Despite the not-so-cheap price tags (most sausages are priced from RM4.20 to
RM10.00 per 100 gram
, and other meat/steaks priced from RM5.00 to RM65.00 per 100 gram), I
got greedy and got myself three huge sausages, a piece of
Back Bacon, and one piece of Marinated Pork Spare Rib. Besides
choosing what you want, you can also choose how much you want, and the preferred
style of cooking. Oh do note that there is a RM10.00 cooking charge.

While waiting for them to
cook your chosen food, that can take from up to 20 minutes or more, you can
order some appetizers from the menu, or just drinks or even gelatos. Xiulongbao
went for their gelato, charsiewbao with his can of Schweppes, and I opted for
their ice-cold Lemon Tea (RM6.00++).

After what seems like
eternity of waiting, the four hungry souls of us were delighted when the food
finally arrived. First up was Joe’s Duck Salad, which looks absolutely yummylicious.
There were generous amount of big chunky duck meat, and with different types of
vegetables as well. I think even a carnivore like me would not mind ordering

Then my expensive meat-only
meal was served shortly after. The dish definitely looked bare as I chose not
to have the side dishes (mashed potato and salad), with only the spare rib,
three sausages and a small cup of French mustard. Not sure whether it is the
norm here or not, but some parts of the meat did look like slightly overburnt.

But once I cut them up and
tasted them, the overburnt issue is no longer an, err…issue. The sausages were
exactly how gourmet sausages supposed to taste like, as they are obviously very
well seasoned and smoked. The three sausages were the Pork & Herb (RM4.20
per 100g)
, Pork Spicy Chili (RM4.30 per 100g) and the gigantic Dynamite (RM5.30
per 100g)
. My personal favourite would be the very hot and aptly named Dynamite.
Sliced it open, and you can see the amount of chilies and spices used to made
this spicy thing.

The Back Bacon (RM3.90 per 100g) is quite a disappointment
though. Harden by the grilling, chewing this little piece of bacon was a tiring
affair. The Marinated Spare Rib (RM5.40 per 100g) however, was a real gem.
Marinated to perfection, the spare rib tasted wonderful. A little bit sweet,
and a little bit herby, the meat was tender and nice, despite some black
overburnt parts on the outside. Loved it so much, I might even come back next
time just to have two pieces of this pork.

Besides the meat, they also
served lovely desserts, but we were too full and poor to go for more. This
lunch is certainly costly, especially to corporate slaves like us. But
personally, I think it was very well worth every penny paid. The food,
environment and the service are all top notch, definitely an ideal place to
chill out with your friends after work, or even a quiet romantic dinner with
your special one(s).

Corporate slaves’ dream of
managerial life is made of these!

Jarrod & Rawlins (Damansara Heights)

Address: 6, Lorong Dungun
              Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone: 03-2093 0708

Operating Hours/Days : 10:30am – 12:30am, Daily (kitchen closes at 11:00pm)

Jarrod & Rawlins (Desa Sri Hartamas)

Address: 36, (Ground Floor), Jalan 27/70A,
              Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone: 03-2300 0708

Operating Hours/Days : 10:30am – 12:30am, Daily (kitchen closes at 11:00pm)

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21 thoughts on “Jarrod & Rawlins (Damansara Heights)

  1. this place is darn expensive…but gotta admit that their sausages are veli goody also. Err…i din noe dat u took so many pix of J n R.
    p/s: y u upload csb’s super dummy looking pix ar?

  2. ykhoo – About RM40 per pax inclusive of tax I think. It really depends what and how much you choose.lanatir – Oh are you a regular customer here?KYspeaks – I so agree with you on this! Adele_csi – Taste even better. Go go go!teckiee – Nola, we don’t always eat like this. Our next hawker/mamak outing we’ll call you up k?blacknight86 – I thought they are expert mah, that’s why didn’t give any instruction beforehand. But it still did taste very good though. So no complaints. xiulongbao – Not cheap for sure, but I thought it was pretty worth the price no? Kekeke, I took some before you 3 arrived, and some when we were about to leave.ilovepearly – You really should go and try. Yea I’m kinda a “map-py” person, scored A in geography last time. Kakakakaka tummythoz – Your big big bite would cost you approximately RM5.30 exclusive of tax.

  3. good quality pictures, food looks great… but having it with schweeps? wasted. shud go along with wine.
    *PS – “click to ENLARGE map” –> alternative phrase, “click to ZOOM map”. You may attract the wrong type of people who searches the internet for ENLARGE, ENLARGEMENT, etc etc   :p

  4. hahaha..the duck meat was abit tough..but otherwise no faults there..i had pork chops the next time around..awesome stuff..will try to post up this soon..but my handphone pics abit da blur..

  5. preciouspea – All this while also you are quite a carnivore what!?rachelseow – Say “please lengchai go go” first!fatboybakes – Kekeke…took you awhile huh. Welcome welcome.ericthechow – Wine would be great, but for lunch? Kekeke…don’t wanna lose our jobs. The simple innocent word like ENLARGE would bring me lots of perverts la. It’s good for my traffic stats anyway. Kekeke…lanatir – Oh, how nice. You go there for the food or the environment?jacksonkah – Eat lesser then pay lesser lor. Fair rite? Perfect for us foodies to try little of everything.zjchen – Let’s go there again for the pork yall!jason – Kakaka…we are not taunting you. Just tempting you! elwong_20 – Hmmm…not that I can think of. Jarrod and Rawlins are the 2 founders of this restaurant.

  6. Yan says:

    was actually looking for jarrod’s number when chance upon this website.
    That place is awesome and the manager there (Damansara Heights), Kumar and his staffs never failed us… and they have been wonderful all this time even when the kitchen was closed, they had manage to serve us food . Been going there twice a week since it opened. It is a fantastic place no doubt.
    If there is an award, I think they deserve it

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