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Restoran Ban Nen Hiong – Satay Celup in Melaka

Drove down to Melaka for a day trip 2 months back, on Labour’s Day. The drive on the PLUS Highway was surprisingly smooth, but once exited at the Ayer Keroh’s toll plaza, the traffic was getting much heavier. And we were almost came to a standstill after Ayer Keroh, on the fringe of the Melaka city itself.

After a hot afternoon of eating and shopping, me and Hui Yin decided to go for Satay Celup for dinner first before heading back to Kuala Lumpur. We consulted an owner of an art gallery/souvenir shop near Jonker Street, on the best Satay Celup restaurant in Melaka. He suggested 3 places, but warned us that 2 of those 3 are very popular and most probably are jam packed by 5pm. With the word of wisdom and directions from a local wiseman, we drove confidently and excitedly towards our objective!

And this is what we saw when we were approaching Target No.1:

This Restoran Capitol Satay on Lorong Bukit Cina is arguably the most popular satay celup restaurant, although many would say Restoran Ban Lee Siang on Jalan Ong Kim Wee would be the best. Looking at this insanely long queue, we both thought that it would be equally futile effort if we go to Ban Lee Siang.

Hence, the third option suggested by the local wiseman, the Restoran Ban Nen Hiong. This restaurant is just a stone throw away from the Restoran Capitol Satay, on Jalan Temenggong. While it is not as packed as Capitol, the dinner crowd there was already quite big when we reached there. After getting a table, the fierce-looking lady boss brought few trays of food and placed it on our table.

The food looks good, although the selections seems to be not as extensive as the other 2 more famous satay celups (from what I saw from other food blogs). Nevertheless, there are still plenty to choose from, fried food, different types of fish balls, beef, chicken, prawn, squid and even stuffed chillies and ladyfingers. Most of the choices are priced at RM0.50 a stick, but some are RM1.00
per stick
. Those RM1.00 choices are those with red paint at one end of
the stick, and most seafood are of this price.

I think my personal favourite on that night was the pig’s liver.
Kekeke…couldn’t really count how many sticks of those delicious thing
I had. The prawns are pretty fresh, but didn’t eat many as I thought it
was a tad too pricey at RM1.00 a pop.

The raw squids were placed in a dodgy-looking plastic container, that is usually used for hand-washing. But if you are not one of those hygiene freaks, then it’s a must have. Just like the prawn, nice and fresh.

Just choose any food that caught your fancy, and dip them inside the
pot of satay sauce. This satay sauce is a peanut-based sauce that is
made of a right blend of coconut milk and other spices. I have no idea
who invented this Satay Celup, but this satay sauce is perfect as a
companion to almost any type of food (hmmm, ok maybe not loh mai kai or

You might have to wait a little while for the satay sauce to come to a
boiling point, before dipping in the food-on-sticks. Once it’s boiling,
it doesn’t take long for the food to be cooked, and for you to start
the feast. Most food only takes less than a minute to cook, and
some items like prawn, squid, and pig’s liver takes even shorter time.

We walloped down stick after stick for about 90 minutes, before calling it a quit. I think in total we had about 45 sticks altogether. It was a truly satisfying meal, especially for a satay celup “virgin” like me. Capitol Satay and Ban Lee Siang might be better than this Ban Nen Hiong, but this is still very good to us. And frankly speaking, I would rather continue to eat here than to queue up on the street for hours to eat at the other two.

We headed straight back to the PLUS Highway right after the dinner, and the drive was very smooth. And just like before, it was a false happiness as we encountered this near Seremban. Grrr….

Map to Restoran Ban Nen Hiong:

* click to enlarge map *

27 thoughts on “Restoran Ban Nen Hiong – Satay Celup in Melaka

  1. which place u went to? kapitan is not so nice already..hahaha..update more reviews on uptown area..i’ll b thre every at starbucks

  2. I’d be going to Malacca in August. I hope I’d be able to try this. I didn’t eat the satay celup twice I was there! That boiling pot of goodness is making me drool

  3. Oh, I tried that when I was in Melaka. It’s really good. But cannot eat too much, otherwise might get sore throat. Btw, the dim sum I was talking about in Taman Megah is the one same row as Secret Recipe in Taman Megah. Directly opposite Ming Tien. U won’t miss it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    goodness!it looks sooOOOOOOO goooOOD!!dang.didnt get to try it the last time i was there.regret.regretbut why is it called satay? its other things and not the malay meat thingy oso…

  5. 1) satay celup doesn’t have coconut milk2) Ban Lee Siang, while crowded, generally doesn’t have a long queue waiting because it occupies 2 lots and has tables at the back as well. you can normally get a table.

  6. So it was you guys who jammed up the street on Labour Day! Ha! Just kidding.Look at the queue, OMFG. I only go there after midnight and weekdays. Haha!

  7. citygal – Kekeke…don’t be so selfish. You should review more on Uptown eateries, since you are there every weekend. popchop – Yea you should try it at least once la. This was my first time as well, jakun betul.elsawong –’s called satay because it’s skewer food and uses satay sauce? neko-hime – For treasure hunt? Oh nice, what kinda treasure hunt? Oh thanks for linking me. Glad you enjoy looking at my food porn. Kekeke…zjchen – Yea the prawns were pretty fresh, RM1.00 a piece though.sc_food4thot – Kekeke..I think I know what you mean. Have you try the satay at Peel Road?wmw – Kakaka, then make sure you are going with friends that are keen with satay celup next time yah.lanatir – Oh, no coconut milk? My friend made her satay sauce with coconut milk, so I thought it is one of the default ingredient. I wish I knew about Ban Lee Siang earlier, then I would have try them. I thought they are as packed as Capitol, as what the “local wiseman” told me. Thanks mucho mucho for your tips! teckiee – Wow, neverending travelling la you. Will wait for your comprehensive reviews on Malacca’s food then. Jason – Guilty as charged, kekekeke. Oh they are open till early morning??

  8. yes there’s no coconut milk in the satay celup kuah. the sauce is made from the special satay celup spice paste (which u can buy in tins) and then u mix in your own sugar and crushed peanuts plus water. u can also observe this mix when they top up the kuah. if there was coconut milk, the sauce would burn after being on the perpetual flame for a few hours.

  9. dcyk says:

    I’ve been to the shop at Ong Kim Wee, nice and packed too, they give u bread to munch on dipped in the satay sauce, nice and luvly hahaha

  10. lolz…Melacca version punya lok lok…it did be interesting to dip ur food into the sauce then eat it straight! Wooo all the flavour absorb into the prawns and fish balls. Heya…T.T I still can’t get the chatter box thingy…aiyoh…did u alter the code or sumthing?

  11. lanatir – Wow, you are truly a Malaccan! Thanks again.dcyk – Yeaaa, I can imagine eating the bread with the satay sauce *slurp*zjchen – Kakaka..this is live dramatic journalism mah. Increase the realism. blacknight86 – No ah, I just paste the codes directly to the “Javascript Module” section.

  12. eh why no see the satay ? also the fire ? thats why called celup ( retread / recond ) issit ?
     means thread can come off later on plus highway so better be careful , no speeding plse !

  13. Woohoo! Thank u thank u for the map! Now I can guide my parents there when we go to malacca. I cant wait already after I wonder at all these marvelous pics of satay celup

  14. tonixe – It took me awhile to understand your questions. Kekeke, but I believe lanatir has answered them yes?xiulongbao – Not very cheap but not expensive also. It depends how much you can eat I guess?tummythoz – Kekeke…dipersilakan. 2 hours only mah. lanatir – Thanks for helping me to answer tonixe’s questions.popchop – are most welcome. Let me know what you think about them k? Enjoy your trip.

  15. QQ says:

    Satay Celup, i like very much! too bad never got chance to eat at Capitol. Always so long queue. Went Ban Lee Siang instead but noticed they kept the same pot of sauce on the table after customer left for the next customers. Eww!Last weekend found one new satay celup shop somewhere near Melaka Raya shopping complex. Nyonya style. Sauce is slightly different from Ban Lee Siang and McQuek but quite nice. New shop, very clean and only cost RM0.50 per stick :o) compared to Capitol RM0.80.Next try … besides the Famous chicken rice ball shop, can anyone recommend other nice chicken rice ball shop pls?

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