Crime Syndicates in Malaysia

I thought these kind of things I will only see on Hong Kong triad gang’s (hak seh wui) movies. Yet another episode in a sad sad story of our nation that is celebrating its 50th year of independence this year. Malaysia boleh!

Top anti-vice cops moved out

The Star

More than two dozen policemen and officers from Johor and Klang Valley
have been transferred in a massive shake-up within the last two weeks.

Most of the transfers involved personnel from the anti-vice, gaming and
secret society unit (D7), serious crimes and even interrogation units.

The bulk of the transfers involved Johor. Almost the entire D7 unit based at the state police headquarters were moved out.

Even the unit’s commanding officer and five inspectors were
transferred. The latest transfer list, which came out earlier last
week, contained 20 names with 13 of them from the D7 unit.

This is not the first time the state D7 unit has been “wiped clean” as two years ago, a similar exercise was carried out.

However, in the latest reshuffle in Johor, it is not immediately
clear whether the officers were transferred for not carrying out their
duties or by powerful syndicates who felt hindered by these officers.

Sources said that one of the kingpins in the state is a self-proclaimed Tengku involved in gambling and prostitution.

They said the local police had been unable to shut down his operations as he was well connected and protected.

“His syndicate has also warned policemen that they will be removed if they tried to interfere in his operations,” sources said.

Sources said that Bukit Aman tried to shut down his operations during a
major operation against his gambling network in March when they raided
two houses in Taman Sentosa and Taman Puteri in Kulai.

“In the simultaneous raids, special teams from police headquarters
arrested 17 people and recovered more than two dozen fax machines
taking in bets amounting to millions of ringgit,” the source said,
adding that despite this, the “Tengku” is back in business.

Last week, Inspector-General of police Tan Sri Musa Hassan during a
one-day working visit to Johor said that police had identified seven
gang leaders who had been terrorising the state with the help of
influential people.

Asked whether officers carrying out their duties might fear reprisal or
transfers because of these influential people, Musa replied: “My men
need not worry about getting transferred if they are doing a good job.
Just do not victimise anyone.”

* copied from Malaysia Today *


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