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Fried Chicken Rice in Segambut

Found out that Segambut is not just all about the famous Yu Ai seafood noodle. Just a street away from Yu Ai, there is a hidden stall under a gigantic tree. This nondescript yellow metal stall has no name, only affectionately known as “Tai Shue Tao” (Under Big Tree).

Parking here is not an impossible task, but you might have to walk quite a fair bit. A walk along the street will reminds you of the images you saw on TV on war zones. Old residential houses on one side, and metal junks and twisted and broken cars lined up on the other. The fried chicken rice stall is just next to one of these car/metal workshops.

With such a setting, one won’t be blamed for thinking it is so unlikely to find good food here. But in Malaysia, a lot of local good food are actually to be found in places like these, not 5-star hotels or touristy areas. And things can’t be that wrong when you see so many people queuing up like those in this stall.

While the stall is open from Monday to Saturday, their signature Fried Chicken Rice is only available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays (1-3-6 as how the boss kept on reminding me). So every 1-3-6, you can see the boss frying chicken non-stop at the back of the stall. There are three or four big woks being used at the same time, with  big hot fire heating up the oil in no time.

Once ready, the boss will scoop out those huge chicken whole legs and place them on round metal trays. The helpers (including the boss’ wife and son) will then grab the tray to the front, immediately chop them out and serve them to the waiting hungry customers. You can actually request them not to chop up the chicken and just serve the whole leg just like that.

The rice served with the chicken is actually a type of oily rice (“yau fan“), but not exactly the same as those you find in normal chicken rice stall. Most probably cooked with their own recipe of chicken stock and other ingredients. While not the best I have eaten, it is quite fragrant and not overly oily as some tends to be.

But of course the highlight would be the fried chicken itself. The whole leg (thigh and drumstick together) is quite huge, so even without the rice you might be full. The chicken is deep fried till all parts of the skin is evenly crispy. Take a bite and the crunchy sound is loud enough to embarass you if this is a cafe or hotel, but luckily its not. The crust (batter) is light and retains the flavour of the seasoning. The meat itself is very tender, and I suspect because of the seasoning or the preparation, the meat is still moist despite being deep fried. Good stuff indeed.

I also ordered a plate of chicken livers and gizzards (“kai yun” and “kai kand“). Tasted alright, but nothing more than ordinary.

There is a small bowl of garlic chilli sauce on each table, not unlike those at other usual chicken rice stalls. But seriously, the delicious fried chicken doesn’t really need a sidekick like the other chicken parts or chilli sauce to eat with. And at RM5.00 per plate (whole leg + rice), it is definitely cheap and more than worth the price. While this is not an ideal place to eat (hot and “not so clean”), the fantastic food more than made up for it. The boss and other staff are very friendly too, so there is another reason of coming back.

Have I told you the Fried Chicken Rice is only available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays?! Remember, 1-3-6! Apparently, they also offer Braised Pork every fortnight, and Bak Kut Teh (can’t remember the schedule for this though). I will come back for sure to try other dishes, and of course, for the Fried Chicken Rice as well.

Fried Chicken Rice at Tai Shue Tao (Segambut)

Address: corner of Lorong Segambut Pusat 1 & Persiaran Segambut Tengah

Telephone: * will be updated soon *

Operating Hours/Days: 10:30am to 2:30pm/3:00pm (Monday to Saturday)

* click to enlarge maps *


8 thoughts on “Fried Chicken Rice in Segambut

  1. jason – Yes exactly, simple cheap but very satifying. No need posh posh all de time!xiulongbao – Yalor, my friend told me the same thing. Just like the name “Wai Sik Kai”. The famous noodle stall you mentioned is on Jalan Maharajalela. awhifflemongrass – Hey you forgot to add the mandatory title of “Sexy” in front.

  2. hahaha the “yeh mei” stall near berjaya time square also under a big tree wan! lolz xlb, u are rite…most good food is under tree : P u got watch the short tv programme on the best Malaysia Hainan Chicken rice? hosted by some paper and NTV7 : ) oh forgot to tell u, i tot all chicken rice is fry wan mar…tho their name is siew kai (roasted chicken) they were actually fried : P 

  3. this is the hallmark of eating in KL ( as u say war zone , no no not that bomb in shah alam one )  then also under the big tree.surely got hot & sweating  indon  babes also right ? If u organise one makan here bsg will be here in 30 mins then we go nearby sentul bar  for mongolian big babes. remember no ties plse otherwise ppl will take photo then got trouble next time. hahaha ! btw this stall vv famous one. wmw will surely love this one

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