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Nyonya Food in Bangsar Shopping Centre

Was delighted to know a new stall has opened in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) food court recently. Named as  “Nyonya“, this stall actually sells more than just Nyonya food, with a bit of Malay as well as fusion food. It takes up the whole of the new extension of the food court, with TV and a view of Bangsar (Taman SA) area outside.

Most of the main dishes range from RM6.50 to RM10.00, and many choices of dessert available as well. Me and my colleagues chose a main and a dessert each, paid up and waited at our table. There is a TV, so waiting won’t be that boring at least.

Our desserts were served first. My bowl of Cendol (RM3.50) is definitely not as big bowl as the one shown on their menu/display. The taste was alright, but at RM3.50 I was expecting a little bit more than just a small ordinary bowl of Cendol.

Rachel’s bowl of Sago Pudding (RM3.50) tasted suspiciously similar to my Cendol. It is basically a bowl of shaved ice with coconut milk and gula melaka, and a big chunk of compressed sago. Rachel thought it was pretty sub-standard, so avoid it.

The Bo Bo Cha Cha (RM3.80) was more okay, but not as good as those you can find from those Chinese hawkers. And certainly not cheap too.

Su ordered the Kerabu Fried Mihun (RM6.50), as she needed something less heavy that day. This dish comes with a mix of tantalising ingredients such as coriander leaves, daun limau purut, pineapples, shallots, fresh and dried chillis, beansprouts, prawns, and of course, the vermicelli itself. A must try if you are a fan of Kerabu.

The Prawn Mee (RM6.50) here fared badly though. While it comes in a substantial portion, the taste (or the lack of it) was quite disappointing. It was too bland, and the noodle’s “kan shui mei” was overpowering. Rachel remarked that it didn’t even taste like Prawn Mee. Hmm…don’t think I will ever order this one.

But once again, we found a saving grace. The Nasi Kuning With Curry Chicken (RM6.90) was very good, much to our surprise due to the mediocre desserts and the horrible Prawn Noodle. The Nasi Kuning (Yellow Sticky Rice) tasted so good, especially eaten together with the curry gravy. This dish is also served together with 2 big pieces of curry chicken, anchovies with peanuts, cucumbers and half slice of egg. Definitely a steal at RM6.90, and the most important thing is of course, it tasted good.

The same goes for their Nasi Beriyani with Rendang Beef (RM6.90). The briyani rice was so fragrant, and you can taste the flavour of the spices used in making this famous rice. The rendang beef tasted very nice too, with the meet still tender, although the portion might not be big. Another dish worth ordering if you ask me.

I guess I can safely conclude that I will come back next time, but maybe just for their rice dishes. The desserts while the taste are not very bad, but they are overpriced for sure. Certainly a welcome addition to any Damansara Height corporate slaves around this area, but nothing more than that.

Nyonya food stall

Address: 3rd Floor, Food Court, Bangsar Shopping Centre,
             Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.


6 thoughts on “Nyonya Food in Bangsar Shopping Centre

  1. The nasi kunyit doesn’t look nice but at least it tastes good. Thanks for the tip, now we know what to order and what to avoid. 😉

  2. hehheh, yall ate in reverse order or what? dessert first, then prawn mee then the mains? i was beginning to think the place was a complete write off until you reached the mains.

  3. jason – Yea the presentation not so good eh? But the nasi dishes are worth trying.xiulongbao – New hunting place? Kekeke..but nothing much wan woh there, except for posh places!fatboybakes – Kekeke…we didn’t plan it that way. But that was how it was served, desserts first then mains.

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