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New Chapter of Blog Imaging

The dawn of a new era

It was 4 years ago when I bought my very first digital camera, the humble Konica Minolta Dimage Xt.

AutoFocus, transform!

* chik chik chiat chiat *

* chik chik chiat *

* chiat chiat chik *

This would herald a new era of clear and sharp imaging for this blog.

~ ~ Transformers, more than meet the eyes ~ ~


15 thoughts on “New Chapter of Blog Imaging

  1. zjchen – Nah it’s not a DSLR, its a prosumer model. I reckon you should get a prosumer first too before a DSLR. This one retails at RM1699.jason – Oh you are using a Lumix too? *high 5*awhiffoflemongrass – Kakaka..maybe should form yet another sub-committee? elsawong – No name yet. Maybe I should organize a “Name-My-Camera” contest.neko-hime – An Autobot that can AutoFocus! Kakakaka…..most probably a military recon unit. tummythoz – You need the Spark to activate their transformation ability. Get it before the Decepticons!babe_kl – Yumm yumm indeed!

  2. err…1699 wor?? i was thinking of a dslr which is slightly more at 2550.. but i got a month to change my mind..well theres 18 days to go..

  3. limmeiyen – Kekeke…didn’t know there are so many Lumix bloggers out there. zjchen – Don’t buy the DSLR!!!!awhiffoflemongrass – Sure why not? Address me as Mr.President from now on pls. cookies_cream – But you got a faithful boy that take great photos for u!! Even better no? matthew – Yes, I am closer that ever. *slurp slurp*teckiee – Kekeke…they are sentient beings, they have the need to camwhore too u know?

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