Random Reflections

Raining Season is Back

I simply love rainy and overcast days. I don’t know why, but I just do. People associates rain to chaos, inconvenience, traffic jam or leaky roof. But I associates it with serenity, comfortable sleep, romance, coziness, and even jazzy music. The sound of the rain hitting the pavements or the roof and windows of my car, is simply wonderful music to my ears. And if I am not in a rush, I would not mind being stucked in a traffic congestion, listening to some of my favourite jazz music, and imagining myself in New York or Melbourne during their autumn season.


6 thoughts on “Raining Season is Back

  1. YAYAYA!! I’ve been doing that in my own cozy room these days… comfortably listening to jazzy music in a yellow light air-cond cozy room! Wooo! Simply relaxing! 🙂

  2. Hey, love that last sentence! No heavy rains for me but I like when it drizzles and feel those teeny weeny water drops land on my face.

  3. elwong_20 – Oh I was thinking more about being in the car when its raining. Now hardly got the luxury of free time in my own room. zjchen – Kkakaka..tell me about it man. 7 hours? We Asian corporate slaves are so pitiful!limmeiyen – Wake up Mei Yen, wake up!!jason – Which sentence? Oh you can get those teeny weeny water at those cafes with vaporizers! Kekeke…

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