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Restoran Kanna Curry House in Section 17, PJ

It is not unusual for my boss to ask me out for lunch and disappear the next minute, leaving me high and dry. But one fine day he suggested us to eat Indian curry rice in Petaling Jaya. After “test-the-water” period of about 10 minutes, I certified him as “dead serious” and off we go!

When my boss directed me to drive to Kanna Curry House, I was like “what?!”. And both him and Kevin were surprised that I no idea where is this place. Well according to them, this is a famous curry house, and judging by the amount of patrons and cars I believe they are right.

There are three separate sections that you can choose to sit at, the air-conditioned area in the shoplot, the non-air-conditioned in the shoplot as well, and the shady outdoor area right in front of the restaurant. Opted for the outdoor area as it is less stuffy and more “feel”.

Once you are seated, the staff will come to lay down the banana leaves, and then come back with buckets of default side dishes. Then piping hot white steamed rice will be given to you, according to your preferred amount.

No idea what are they called but you can start eating the rice with them as they are yummy on their own! But of course, who would come to a curry house without sampling their curries right?

* the curry mutton *

There are countless types of curry here, namely mutton, chicken, fish, vegetarian, and others. My personal favourite of that day is one particular Curry Chicken. I am not sure whether it is the default type of chicken curry or a special flavour curry chicken, but dang it tasted so good.

* the curry chicken *

The very red looking Chilli Prawns were very good too, and extra points to them for peeling off the shell for the customer.

The Fried Pomfret (Bawal Putih Bakar) are worth mentioning too, as it was fresh and with strong hints of herbs versus those bland fried fishes as well.

My boss was raving about the fried chicken there too, so we ordered three pieces of them. We have to wait for quite some time to get hold of them as the waiter would have to walk back to the shoplot to replenish his supply several times before it was our turn. Yes it is that popular there.

Well I was not that impressed with the fried chicken to be frank. Okay it was much better than the usual fried chicken at those mamak stalls, but it was not as tasty as I expected them to be. It was slightly dry and the taste of the herb/spice are not evenly spread over the chicken. Hmm..maybe a 7 out of 10 from me.

Oh at this restaurant, staffs are assigned with their own specific dish. So be expected to face some persistent staff that will not go even after you said no. My boss told me that they are given some sort of commission for whatever they can sell, so it is not surprising they behave so.

One you are done with your meal, just take the mini slip with your table number stated on it, to the counter and pay the amount quoted by the cashier to you. Definitely better than waiting for the staff to come to your table and slowly count for you.

On the counter you can see a lot of snacks and desserts on sale. And if you walk into the shoplot, you can also choose the dishes you want from the tray just like the conventional type of curry houses.

Overall, can’t deny that Restoran Kanna Curry House is among the top of the league when it comes to curry house. One need not be an expert in curry to be able to tell how tasty and superior their curries are. While the fried chicken was slightly disappointing, the rest of the dishes received the thumbs up from us. Service and attitude of some of their staff were less than desired, especially considering the fact that you pay premium prices here. But Kevin told me that it was the first time he encountered such bad service, after his many visits here previously. So if you feel like having some Indian curry rice today, head straight to Kanna!

Restoran Kanna Curry House

Address: 29, Jalan 17/45
              Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Telephone: 03-7958 4814

Fax: 03-7958 2829

* just behind Lisa De Inn Hotel on ‘Rothmans Roundabout‘, opposite the Restoran Nanking and Restoran Tua Huat.


17 thoughts on “Restoran Kanna Curry House in Section 17, PJ

  1. ooh, kanna. one of my fave. banana leaf rice places. but i have yet to encounter bad service there even though during lunch hours the crowd can render them very busy.

  2. durianberry – Kakaka…why are you holding off? Too heaty lately? Just don’t eat them on the same day as durians!
    citygal – I have no idea as I don’t really watch TV programmes.
    jasmine – Yea maybe it was just an one off incident like my friend told me.
    AgoraphobiA – Yea? But your dad and brother seem to like it alot.
    sc_food4thot – Yea someone told me to go for the fried squid too, but didn’t get to eat it that day. Hmm..maybe on my 2nd visit one day.
    zjchen – Yea taken with my new camera. Still got a lot of room for improvement though. You got weak stomach? Then how come you can eat so much sushi?! Kekeke…
    teckiee – Kekeke..lately only meh? What to do? PJ is my nearest lunch hunting ground to my office besides Damansara and the very congested Bangsar!
    babe_kl – Yea you think so? Never been to Kanna before this so I can’t compare.
    jason – Thanks. Me still learning how to utilise all the functions. Long live Lumix!

  3. whoa! since when did kanna’s become so “high class” liao wei?? then again, it’s not one of my usual hangout places cos it was slightly on the expensive side.

  4. Goodie pix! Worth the price man. So u took pix in front of ur boss? Nowadays i always follow my boss out for lunch, sometimes can get free food too ;p But i still dare not take food pix in front of her.

  5. xiu long bao – Yea they know I’m into food blogging. In fact, I believe some of my bosses are actually reading it. So please don’t talk bad bout them here in my blog k?

  6. Jon Chu – Kakaka… are you a fellow glutton like me? Yes must go there and try their prawns!lanatir – I know!! But bosses did all the orderings, so can’t say much.

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