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Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice in SS4 PJ

Just when I thought I have tried all the best chicken rice in Klang Valley, my boss brought me to shockingly good chicken rice in SS4, Petaling Jaya, totally unknown to me before. Heck, my boss couldn’t even name me the stall when I asked him, but decided to trust him to led me there.

The name of the restaurant where this chicken rice stall is situated, is Restoran Yat Yeh Hing. It is just one of the normal-looking Chinese restaurant that offers steamboat and “tai chow” at night. But during the day, the Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice takes the centrestage.

To find a table here can be a really, really difficult task. So do come early before the lunch crowd otherwise you might have to stand for 10-30 minutes to get one. Parking here is tough too, with very limited legal parking spots around. You can park your car in the residential area at the back but please be considerate not to block anybody.

Operating in the current premise at People’s Park since 1998, Mr.Lim Ee Choon’s business is getting better and better. The secret of his success would have to be the Bentong’s special formula of great tasty yellowish chicken. The steamed chicken is immediately dipped into icy cold water, in order to ensure a layer of nice juicy fat under the skin. And at the same time the meat will be made cold, firm and tender.

Both steamed and roasted chicken are available, but the roasted chicken here tasted very mediocre, so just go for the steamed version. Be warned though, that the owner would not allow you to order drumsticks with anything less than a quarter chicken order. So if you insist on eating the drumstick (which I reckon is the best part here), be prepared to pay about RM12 per pax.

The oily rice here is very good too, although it is not the best I have ever had. It’s fluffy and not too dry, just the way I like it. Besides chicken, you can order other side dishes such as the beansprouts, which tasted absolutely fresh here. As well as chicken innards.

On that particular day, we ordered a plate of chicken intestines. Usually I would avoid eating this as I am not fond of the texture. But somehow the Kee Kee‘s chicken intestines got my vote.

* I think I can submit this to Malaysia’s Book of Record for “Longest Cooked Chicken Intestine”)

The drinks here are worth mentioning too. Both the Iced Barley with Lime and the Ambra with Sour Plum were very enjoyable, especially on a hot sunny day.

I would have to say it’s been quite a while since I last had such a good chicken rice. Without a doubt I would return for more of the steamed ice chicken, although the huge crowd and limited parking are turn-offs for me. While the roasted chicken is forgettable, the steamed chicken is to die for, especially for a chicken meat lover like me and Jackson. I am pretty sure you’ll love it too!

Kee Kee’s Bentong Chicken Rice

Address: 33, Jalan SS 4D/2,
              People’s Park, 47301 Petaling Jaya.

Telephone: 012-629 4807

Operating Hours/Days: 10:30am – 2:30pm, Closed on first Tuesday of the month

* Turn left at the first turning after Kelana Jaya Putra-LRT Station. The restaurant is on a corner lot facing the LDP, and right opposite St.Ignatius Catholic Church.

* click on the map to enlarge *

13 thoughts on “Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice in SS4 PJ

  1. i pass by this coffeeshop most of the time if i’m taking the ldp home but nvr realised that there was good chicken rice. then again, if the owner is so up himself when it comes to the drumstick, it already puts me off his stall. there are easily better-tasting chicken rice stalls w more friendly and/or humble owners *huff*

  2. tummythoz – Oh no, my reputation is on the line now. jacksonkah – Let’s go there for lunch together!citygal – You live so near there, faster go try. I wanna know non-chicken lover’s unbiased opinion.xiu long bao – Yup this is the one. You can’t read but CSB can read then enough lah. limmeiyen – Yea I know. At first I thought it felt funny, but after few bites I starts to love it now. Jun – Well, to be fair to them, their service is actually not bad for such a busy stall. Although their rule is not exactly customer-friendly, but they weren’t rude or cocky when they refuse orders for drumsticks only.sc_food4thot – Really?! Kekeke…you’re not a chicken-rice-person isit?

  3. fatboybakes – Err..I don’t know. That you would have to ask him. But if it was, then lucky you!New Kid on the Blog – Oh Penang lang doesn’t eat that? So the chicken rice there is strictly chicken?

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