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Korean BBQ Chicken in Desa Sri Hartamas

Knowing how much I love eating chicken, my managers took away some Teri Chicken Wings (RM7.50 for 4 pieces) for me. Didn’t thought of it much when they told me it was from a new Korean restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas, although I did find it strange that a Korean restaurant would serve such a “fast-food”-ly stuff. But after a bite into the fried chicken wing, I know I gotta check it out myself real soon!

Situated on the same row of shophouse as Nam Heong Chicken Rice, they occupy the corner lot where Alberto’s used to be. Yes, it does look more like a fast-food franchise than a traditional Korean restaurant. Due to the large glass panel instead of brick walls on the front and on the side, the place looks invitingly bright.

The place was already almost filled to the brim by 12:45pm, but maybe due to the limited seats there. Service was very good, friendly waitresses/waiters attended to us immediately as we stepped in. BBQ Chicken‘s menu is very well-designed, in line with its logo and the outlet’s design. Colourful, and wonderful photos to provide you with a visual feast before the real thing.

On each table there are several placemats that promote ginseng and olive oil, the two ingredients that they use to set them apart from other fried chicken joints. Being bombarded with so many choices although all of them are chicken dishes, we took quite a while to place our orders.

First up was their Teri-Q Sticks – 2 pieces (RM12.50). This meal comes together with the standard side dishes, namely the Coleslaw and the Shrimp Fried Rice. If you are not a rice person, you can always opt for Mashed Potato instead. The chicken meat itself is wonderful, tasted very succulent and juicy. One thing that you will immediately noticed is how less oily is the chicken here as compared to other fried chicken. Good news for the more health-conscious people. But even though this is called the Teri(yaki) Chicken, there was hardly any teriyaki taste to it.

The more adventurous ones might like to try their Hot Drumsticks Set – 3 pieces (RM17.50). Also came with the standard side dishes, it did look fearfully hot & spicy when it was served. It looked pretty shiny with all the chilli sauce/gravy on the fried skin. Marinated with spices and chilli before being fried, this version actually looks more spicier than it taste like. While you can definitely taste the spiciness and it was nice, it was not hot enough for Malaysians I reckon.

The Olive Luxury Chicken – 3 pieces (RM17.50) is their default flavour here. This is the only set which you can opt for any parts you like, as compared to only drumsticks for other sets.

If you not really into fried food, you can go for their grilled chicken sets instead. One of them is the Korean Charbroiled Chicken (RM14.50), which is chicken thigh fillets grilled with herbs and other spices. Something different but  tastes so so only.

There is also one dish called the Jerk BBQ Chicken (RM14.50 for a piece). It is basically a whole chicken leg dry-rubbed with fiery spice mixture (which I think some sort of hot pepper must be one of them), then barbecued over hot pit. The result is a well-marinated piece of chicken, which is rich in flavour, not just hot.

You can actually check out how they barbecued the chicken as they have a open-kitchen concept at the back of the restaurant. The cook is pretty friendly, so it’s not even a problem if you want to take photos while he do the cooking.

The drink selections are pretty extensive too, from hot drinks to smoothies, and even Ginseng tea! Prices ranging from RM2.50 to above RM10.00. There are also desserts to choose from, such as ice-cream and “Pat Bing Soo“, a type of Korean red bean sherbet. Might want to try that on my next visit.

They also do take-aways, and you’ll be impressed by their interesting shapes and colours. Food remained hot even after travelling for 20 minutes from the restaurant to office. Though I found one of the word/message on the box slightly dubious to say the least.

“Chicken meat prevents cancer”

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with this new-found delight. Some might say that this is just a more expensive version of Kentucky Fried Chicken, but I felt it is not exactly fair to group them together in the same category. The chicken here is definitely more tender and juicier, and the fact that they only use 100% olive oil to fry the chicken is one big plus point.

I had a brief chat with BBQ Chicken’s ridiculously-friendly Deputy CEO, Mr.Goh, on that day. He was more that delighted to share with me the story of this franchise, and the details of the preparation and cooking process of the chicken. According to him, BBQ Chicken only uses 1kg-chicken, as compared to the usual practise of using 1.5-2kg chicken. Reason being the excessive fats in heavier/older chicken. The global franchise group, Genesis, that owns BBQ Chicken, even have their own Chicken University in South Korea!

So is this worth checking out you ask?? The choice is in your hand! (ala Celcom)

Korean BBQ Chicken

Address: 24, Jalan 27/70A,
              Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 K.L.

Telephone: 03-2300 1019,  03-2300 2036

Fax: 03-2300 0619


Operating Hours/Days: 10:00am – 10:00pm, Daily


7 thoughts on “Korean BBQ Chicken in Desa Sri Hartamas

  1. the korean version of kfc?? i thought it was the korean version of WAW chicken wings when u mentioned chicken wings..hmm another outlet to try..but prices not cheap though..might prefer j&r blt sandwich over this..

  2. zjchen – Yea just give it a try first.jacksonkah –’re a chicken lover. A must try lah! If you like it, then we can go together-gether next time k? xiu long bao – Yea this is the one. Have you try it yet?citygal aka weizhi – I heard 7-8 times more expensive isit? No wonder their fried chicken are so expensive. Dabao? Just go there with me la!preciouspea – Ooohhh…have she try it? Well I think its nice, although some of my friends told me it was just so-so.

  3. Benjamin says:

    Hi, If you liked the teri chicken wings, please try out the restaurant called HanChon also located in Sri Hartamas. Its exactly next to Backyard Pub and in my opinion, its WAY better than BBQ Chicken. Its also from Korea. Go there and order the Original Wings set. You won’t be disappointed.

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