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Happy Birthday Malaysia!

Tomorrow, 31st of August 2007, my beloved country Malaysia will be celebrating her 50th birthday. The nation has gone through a lot since we achieved independence from the British in 1957.

Everything has changed, some for good, some for worse. If I want to complain and whine about the current corruptions and injustice in this country, it will takes up the whole page of this blog. But for the sake of the Merdeka spirit, I am not going to do that.

Instead, I would like to show you photos that show how patriotic I am and how much I love this multi-racial nation. Malaysia boleh!! (can someone comes up with a new slogan for Malaysia?!)


15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Malaysia!

  1. Daryl,i think the new slogan for our beloved country should b ” Malaysia masih tak boleh “.the “malaysia boleh” slogan actually is created to encourage our people ,to ensure us that we can do anything if we had a iron will….but now ,our ppl seems to b over-confident ,the goverment “cukup baik”, our country ” sudah berjaya ,gemilang …”.many of our friend doesn’t know that our country is gradually falled behind in competition all over the world .the “malaysia boleh ” always used for “biggest mooncake”,”biggest nation flag”,”biggest XXX”.so we must let our ppl know ,”kita masih tak boleh ” ,if we dont work out now,malaysia can’t have good future ..—-Stanleyyap

  2. I love this country although she’s not perfect. But which country doesn’t have a few black marks here and there? I’m so glad for all the foods in this land! Happy Merdeka Day to you 🙂

  3. stanleyyap – You got it spot on! The leaders are trying to blind the people of the mess we are in now, and while they are busy emptying the country’s coffer. Even Indonesia’s FDI is higher than us now! Sigh…durianberry – Glad to know another like-minded about our country. So are you prepared to come home and make a difference? gilliangel – Ooopss…corrected. Thanks! teckiee – Yea, I even put one out at home and my room.jacksonkah – Happy holiday to you too. kekeke…sexybeast – Part of my job as a supermodel.

  4. well done ( the flags !).  Its not easy to voluntarily display this flag nowadays tho.
    ever since somebody displayed a crooked metal in public. but…..haha we can still
    enjoy nasi lemak ok !

  5. limmeiyen – Kakaka…just to show how disgusted I was with the Malaysia’s football team on that night (we lost tamely 0-3 to Uzbekistian).jason – Yea one of the best, although I must admit I kinda like Vietnam’s more. tonixe – Maybe DAP or MCA should display some straight long metal soon. Then everybody can eat bak kut teh! Opppsss…shhh……

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