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Champ’s Bistro at Centrepoint BU

This week has been a real busy one, hence the abandonment of my dear blog for a week! But rest assured, I have been still eating like no tomorrow amidst all the work and commitments.

One day my boss kept on raving about this fantastic Pork Noodle he discovered at an eatery called Champ’s in Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. Apparently he had been eating it for three consecutive days! Wanting to please our MD (as if we have a choice right? ), me and Kevin agreed to have lunch with him there.

Located on the first floor of the now-revived Centrepoint shopping mall, Champ’s have been here since as long as I can remember. According to my informant, the restaurant’s owner, Richard Nah, named the bistro after his St Bernard dog. Awwww….. This bistro is actually more than just an eating place, it also serves as a pub, and football watching place on weekends.

Well to be honest I was quite taken aback by the pricing here. Almost all ala-carte mains are priced around RM16.90++ to RM45.00++. *gulp* Lucky my boss was with us, otherwise there goes our daily pay! Even plain water (ok they add a slice of lemon) cost RM1.00, and Chinese Tea is at RM2.50 a glass.

But true to my boss’ words, the Chu Yuk Fun aka Pork Noodle (RM16.90++) was simply a piece of heaven for any pork lover. Served in a gigantic bowl, it comes with extremely generous amount of pork “spare parts”, including a handful of tantalising pig lards. *slurp slurp* No idea what they put and how long they take, but the broth tasted really good. You can clearly taste the sweetness of the pig bones and other parts.

Upon recommendation from the boss, Kevin ordered the ‘Damn Shiok’ Hokkien Prawn Mee (RM18.90++). Once again, this tasted wonderful although some might say it is not spicy enough. Besides the usual fare, here they add in a big prawn, and a couple of pork ribs. Damn Shiok indeed!

The Shanghai Pork Chop Rice (RM16.90++) won my vote as well. The three big pieces of pork chop are very well-marinated. The sweet Shanghai-styled sauce goes very well with the white rice that comes with it. My only complaint would be the rather bare presentation of this dish. Nevertheless, any carnivores would be very satisfied with this.

Cheap it is not, but now I found out why it is so. Without a doubt, the food there are way above average. Service was very good too that day. I can imagine how happening this place is, to watch weekend EPL football matches with your buddies, and at the same time I also can imagine what a nice and cosy place to bring your friends or families here for a guaranteed satisfying meal. Just make sure you remember to bring along more cash, that’s all!

Champ’s Bistro

Address: Lot F10, 1st Floor, Centrepoint,
              Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
              47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Telephone: 03-7722 5800

Operating Hours/Days: 10:00am to 12:00am, Daily


25 thoughts on “Champ’s Bistro at Centrepoint BU

  1. RM16.90++ for a bowl of pork noodle? o.O Albeit the price is kinda a “hoo-haa” to me (As I’ve never eaten any pork noodle above RM5), but you said it until that bowl of pork noodle was like sooo heavenlyy delish! I’m sure it worth each and every $ of it? I wanna go~~~

  2. I was commenting on how lucky xiulongbao is with her boss and now your boss. Aiiiii!! Why I can’t have a good boss like tat?? Anyway, been here twice for the damn syiok prawn mee. Will try the pork noodle next…looks good leh..can imagine the soup cos i see the broth is rather murky in colour. Sign of pork bones being used. Slurps!

  3. earl-ku – Yes, I frequented ExciteNet about 6-7 years ago I think. Do I know you?cookies_cream – Yea the broth tasted really good leh. Should try it at least once.preciouspea – harder lah. Then you’ll become a boss yourself and you can treat your underlings! Oh you never try their pork noodle before?New Kid on the Blog – They are expensive alright, no doubt about that. But the serving is much bigger than usual and the quality of the food is there la. Don’t think they have one in Penang…yet.

  4. The soup looks very thick! It must be really flavoursome. I like the name of “damn shiok hokkien prawn mee” too! hahaha. Price is a little on the high side but the portion looks bad no?

  5. at one time they had more than 3 shops I think but suppose their high prices kaput them !
    They boasts of the best prawn mee (damn shiok $$$ ) but we got into a small tiff with him
    when he was managing the pub downstairs ( subsequently he was booted upstairs by his bro).
    The beer downstairs is damn shiok high too ( so far no dilute I think ) so attract many
     single matured ladies plenty. Go downstairs and keep yr eyes open nex time !

  6. zjchen – Are you a pork lover or just a carnivore?daphnesu – Oh yea, the soup was really tasty. The portion is about twice the size of a normal one? Worth trying at least once.tonixe – I heard about the closure of the 2 outlets too. Apparently they priced themselves out of the game. But business at this outlet is pretty good. Ok next time will check out those single matured ladies! Kekekeke…limmeiyen – Awww…you and your fairy tale’s pak-toh-ing. Don’t make ppl jealous ah! teckiee – Oh your Muslim friends are ok with non-halal restaurant huh. Yea go try the porky pork noodle!!tummythoz – got that right about my boss being priceless. His wallet lagi priceless oh!citygal – So you’ve never try Champ’s before?jacksonkah – Try at least once lah. A meal at KFC already costs RM12 right?jason – I don’t do this everyday with my boss you know. Just occasionally. sc_food4thot – I think they are cooked separately and just thrown in maybe.ykhoo – We should go there on Friday night, just before our “real-noobs” session. Kekeke.. Sugar Bean – Yea IMHO, should give it at least one try before deciding. Of course, even if I like it, I won’t be frequenting it a lot la due to the price.

  7. Had the prawn mee ages ago, I was scared off by the extremely HUGE pork ribs and never went back! HAHAHA….the ribs seems to look smaller now from your pic :o)

  8. so expersive RM 20! if i go outside can eat 4-5 time, also same thing, i think the boss is crazy from making money so idiot. beside the food also taste no so good [like c], the place also smell [like pasar smell] ,service no good always ask for tips ,cheating people money place beside the seafood also not fresh [got smell] and ask for more soup also had to paid RM3 for than lousy soup, better go to little penang or madam kwan! hate it!

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