Random Reflections

Busy still

It’s 6:31am in the morning, and here I am in the office, just finished my work. Almost-finished actually, as I still need to continue later. But now, I would just go to the meeting room and take a 2-hours nap before starting yet another hectic day at work. Lord, please grant me strength to go on. Amen.

Wake me up, before you go go


9 thoughts on “Busy still

  1. Oh dear, no wonder u can’t go for the makaning session. Nvrmind, though i dun sleep in the office, remember dat im working like a mad ppl like u in the office too. Cheers and yeah, i will wake u up to scrumptious meal when September ends 🙂

  2. preciouspea – Kakaka..make sure you do!jason – Thanks bro.xiu long bao – Grrr..I missed The Bird!! You are busy too? Come on, let’s have our Slave Luncheon again soon.wmw – I can see the light at the end of the tunnel already. So my sanity is intact, for now.limmeiyen – No, I stayed overnight in office on Sunday as well. teckiee – Kakakaka….yea, a lot of crazy and nonsense stuff happens when we OT! New Kid on the Blog – No worries, a galore of reviews coming soon!

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