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McDonald’s Ramadhan Buffet

In the midst of an extremely busy month of September, me and my friends still managed to find time for a feast of glutton. While in this Muslim’s fasting month of Ramadhan most food junkies will flock to numerous bazaars around the country, me, Kevin and Samuel fixed our glutton eyes on the American’s symbol of food culture invasion instead, the McDonald’s!

Every year during the month of Ramadhan, McDonald’s Malaysia will be having Bufet Ramadhan Khas (Special Ramadhan Buffet) month-long promotion. So for RM23.90, you can stuff yourself silly at almost anything on their menu. ALMOST, because some items are not available for buffet, and some like Spicy Chicken Deluxe and Fish Foldover can be only ordered once.

Not every McDonald’s outlets participate in this promotion, but the outlet closest to my office is, so minimal fuss for us ot get there before the buffet starts at 6:30pm. Here, they set up a special section just for buffet as well as a dedicated counter to handle orders for buffet promotion. We were pretty hungry on that day, so we decided not to wait till buka puasa (break fast) time to start. But of course we were also sensitive enough not to offend the Muslims who were waiting there, so we sat at an isolated table and quietly munched into our food.

Once you paid at the counter, you will be given a wristband, not unlike those you get at theme park like Sunway Lagoon, a voucher for you to order either Spicy Chicken Deluxe or Fish Foldover, and a tick-your-pick menu for you to make your order. Made my first mistake here, by ordering Fish Foldover instead of the chicken burger. 

I can tell you that this Fish Foldover is a big no no, especially in a buffet where things have to taste extra nice if you want to eat as much as you can! Somehow the fish fillet was totally not in synch with the pitas, and the absence of any sause somehow makes it almost tasteless. One to avoid if you have to pay for it.

Ordering 2 or 3 pieces of fried chicken was a bad idea as during buffet. While they are very enjoyable, the sheer size and the amount of oil will definitely sets you back in the ultimate kiasu-ness quest of getting your RM23.90 worth of food.

We initially planned to eat as many burgers and nuggets as we can and then proceed to desserts by 8pm, but by 7:30pm our stomachs have already expanded to a dangerous limit. So it was no surprise when our dessert plan was brought forward. Not many choices for dessert, so we went for the ever-popular Sundae Cup and the healthy but tasteless Corn-in-Cup.

These are the faces of us after half-way on our quest in beating Ronald McDonald.


Our total kills:

2 Fish Foldovers

6 fish, beef and chicken burgers

6 X 4 pieces of chicken nugget

1 regular french fries

2 Sundae Cups

3 Corn-in-Cups

countless cups of Sirap Ais

Our verdict:

N.E.V.E.R   A.G.A.I.N

For those brave ones and anyone with great appetite, by all means go ahead and prove us wrong. But for us, it was just not worth the pain and suffering. Sans any excitement of discovering new and tasty food, this buffet is simply a league below he more expensive buffets that you can find in posh restaurants or hotels.

McDonald’s Special Ramadhan Buffet

Price: RM23.90 (excluding 5% govt tax) * children under 12: RM12.90 *

Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm, 20 Sept – 10 Oct

Participating outlets: Click here for list


19 thoughts on “McDonald’s Ramadhan Buffet

  1. tummythoz – It was an eat-a-thon, just not competing with each other, but rather to get back our money’s worth! zjchen – Yes thank you?New Kid on the Blog – More like trying to be funny but end up suffering!flich – W.H.A.T A N.O.N.S.E.N.S.E

  2. daphnesu – Yea it was painful alright. We got our money worth back for what!? teckiee – Kakaka…I’m so curious how did the World Champion of hot dogs eating managed to gobbled up so many buns and sausages!?

  3. It’s way too much…I have never been tempted to try. Cos think it’s already bad when I eat a normal meal but to go on a McD buffet! Woah…like you said, agonizing!

  4. wmw – Well, I don’t usually eat at McD’s, so it was ok for me to go for their buffet once a year I reckon. preciouspea – Kenot like that, food junkies must try everything!

  5. LOL… I was tempted to try but not alone la. Surely, I won’t stuff my self with so much buns (burgers) :p
    Yeah, the Fish Foldover is kinda weird. Maybe it’ll be better if they don’t put tartar sauce in it. Still love my Chicken Foldover :p

  6. You guys looked as if you all were doing the local version of the documentary “Supersize Me?” hahaha…if you haven’t watched checked it out and re-think about your appetite for McD.

  7. Wai Fong – Thanks for visiting. Kakaka…comes to think of it, yes we do look like we are trying to Supersize ourselves. No worries, I am not really into McD….I am more a fan of KFC!!

  8. goodness, i can see 3 struggling faces there haha… anyway, i had a pretty good buffet at SanFran Steakhouse for only RM43something++ and it was quite worth the price

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