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Vintry’s at Damansara Heights

Few days ago, few of my lunch kakis were on leave, so me and my big boss decided to go lunch on our own. As he is my loaded paymaster quite picky when it comes to food, I gave him the liberty to choose where to eat. And I was more than happy when he suggested the nearby Vintry’s.

Vintry's 01

Well this Vintry’s is a wine shop with their own in-house food menu. I am not going to elaborate more on their wine selections as I know nuts about wine, but do not brush them off yet just because they are not a full-fledged restaurant as per se. Their “ang pai” (main star) Caramelized Roast Pork is one of the best roast pork around. And they also have a very unique concept of allowing their customers to order food from any restaurants on the same row, on this Jalan Kasah. So you get to order from other respectable eateries like the The Rib Shop, Gill’s and Ka Soh.

Vintry's 02

The place can be quite packed during peak hours (lunch and dinner), and my boss told me to forget about getting a table on weekends without any booking, so I guess this restaurant is not much of an secret anymore among the food junkies. Service is good but can be quite slow when the crowd is big, it took at least 10 minutes for us to get the bill.

Vintry's 03

The roast pork is definitely their specialty here, as you can see from the number of dishes with it on the menu. You can either opt for dishes with the roast pork, or just the roast pork itself which cost RM14.00 per 100 gram. There are three styles to choose from for the roast pork, the standard Roast Pork, Caramelized Roast Pork or Spicy Caramelized Roast Pork.

Vintry's 04

As there were only two of us that day, we couldn’t order a lot of snacks to share so we decided to just go for the Spicy version. Once I took the first bite, I fully understood all the good reviews that I’ve read about this place and its roast pork. The pork is sinfully fat (but still with some lean meat of course) and the taste of the caramel is just oh-so-good. A must try for all pork and meat lovers!

Vintry's 05

Being one of the most fanatic pork lover in the universe, my boss opted for their Fried Korean Noodle with Caramelized Roast Pork (RM16). It is actually a glorified version of instant noodle, served with some roast pork fried with soy sauce till caramelized. Very delicious indeed, though whether its worth the RM16 price tag is another question altogether.

Vintry's 06

Ok this is not one giant “loh mai kai“, but rather the Vintry’s Fried Rice (RM15) that is stuffed with roast pork as well. While it is one simple dish, it tasted very good, although it would be much better if there are more varieties in the ingredients and some green vege as well.

Overall this place is a very cosy and comfortable place for people to meet up and catch up. If you are a wine lover, you won’t be disappointed with the impressive range of wines here. And if you are a food junkie, their more than respectable in-house food and their unique concept for allowing outside food would be a big big reason to entice you back for more. Do check them out folks!

The Vintry Cellar

Address: 130, Jalan Kasah

              Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone: 03-2094 8262


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14 thoughts on “Vintry’s at Damansara Heights

  1. da name sounds like a young little breezy green cafe near a big mall under the small tree beside The Park along da lake, so if got so many sugar porks with maggi mee same same  must be really some place ! then got many wine sommore what a strange place ! ok folks here da gluttons come , as soon as  flowing amber juice finito !

  2. daphnesu – Yea, no doubt its overpriced but I was with my boss you see. Might go back there again to try other items such as the Blue Cheese Burger. I heard it tasted very “special”.preciouspea – Wow, even packed on weekday night? Might be because that place has so little space inside. Should suggest them to do some al-fresco!tonixe – The name “Vintry” just sounds like a wine cellar to me. Kekeke..excuse my not so imaginative mind. Go check it out will ya?

  3. I was there just a couple of weeks ago. I know nuts about wines too but friends and I thought that’d be the perfect place for a birthday bash. We went there after our dinner, and enjoyed the wines and cheese they served.

  4. Seems like a nice place to dine in. The fried Korean Noodle and the pork would be something that I want to try, but this place seems a bit expensive though. But where about in Jalan Kasah? I thought it’s a residential area? Pls correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. i have been trying to try this out haha..went on a sunday..closed on sundays..heard the wine list is impressive..cant wait to have a extravagant happy hour drinking wine haha

  6. Of late, their siew yoke quality has been yo-yoing…really great one time and disappointing the next….and great again. Eating there is now like buying lottery! Heehee..

  7. limmeiyen – Awww…yea I remember reading your review on that before.narrowband – Yea it would be an ideal place. This one or Jarrow & Rawlins, another great place for meet ups.Sugar Bean – No doubt about overpricing. Jalan Kasah is right behind Victoria Station and Sri Ayutthaya, just off Jalan Damansara. If you are coming from PJ/Eastin/TTDI direction, just go past Eastin, and turn left after the Mont Kiara/Hartamas exit. Yes it’s a residential area but there are 2 rows of shophouses as well. Let me know if you need the map.zjchen – How long have you been trying? Go earlier next time, should be able to get a table. wmw – Different cook/chef maybe? Let me “gamble” one more time and see how yo-yo can it be!New Kid on the Blog – Fried with soy sauce mah. You can always opt for the original roast pork if you are not into dark version. Very delicious as well I heard.

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