An Indian girl and a Malay girl fought (ok more like scratching and pulling each other’s hair) right in front of Berjaya Time Square in KL recently. Apparently the cause of their catfight is because they are seeing a same guy (two-timing one).  Pity the guy who tried to stop the fight, he was punched on his face by one of the girl instead, not to mention about his drink dropped to the ground as well.

But thank God it was not because of the racial tensions that have been simmering in this country for the past few years. I was pleasantly surprised when our PM Abdullah Badawi called on everybody to face the truth and speak out, but was then rudely shocked by the laughable denial by our Foreign Minister, Syed Hamid Albar when asked about racial issues during a live interview (Hardtalk) with BBC. And then came the judiciary crisis, which the government are more hell-bent in prosecuting the whistleblowers rather than setting up a Royal Commission to investigate this seemingly blatant corruption.

So to speak out or not to? I am confused, how about you?


14 thoughts on “Muhibbah?!

  1. limmeiyen – Kakaka….nice or not the video?Tom,Dick&Harry – Nowhere as spectacular as Spartan’s stand against the Persians!fatboybakes – NooOOOoooo, I’m a great English scholar. I am always right! Btw, I have rectified it. Kekeke…

  2. you took the video?? omg, … really malu… it’s always been wasting time and money to fight for a man! rather have the time and money and do our own things and enjoy whatever we can….what for?? if he’s seeing another person, that’s fine… I’ll live my own life and done deal lor… right?

  3. jason – Kakaka..didn’t you notice the URL stamped on it?Sugar Bean – Not sure who, all I know is the person who took the video is a friend of the 2 girls, and he’s a Malay guy.celine – You can say “shame on you Malaysians”?neko-hime –, I’m not those who will just stand there to watch and get entertained by shameful acts like this one.NKOTB – Yea you got it all right. I can’t imagine their parents watching this, how would they feel. Sigh…Christy – Really? Well I’ve actually seen similar catfight during secondary school days.

  4. i have seen black women fight like that , but never asians, and inter racial some more….too bad they didn’t tear off each other’s tshirt.. otherwise got nicer things to see other than the fighting….

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