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The View Restaurant at Hotel Equatorial Penang

Went to Penang’s Hotel Equatorial for lunch not so long ago. After what seems to be endless turns and climb up the hills, we finally arrived at the posh hotel nestled on top of Bukit Jambul. We were there because a local friend recommended this French restaurant called The View. As the name suggests, this restaurant boasted a view to kill for of Penang Island including the famous Penang Bridge as well as glimpses of the mainland.

But please don’t kill me as I tell you this. In the midst of awe looking out through the 10 metres long glass window, I totally forgotten to snap a photo of the majestic scenery! Snapped few photos of the interior and the view of the hotel’s wonderful swimming pool though. And do pardon me for the sub-standard photo quality, as I shot ’em using a camera phone instead of my baby Lumix.


Although I claimed to be French in front of many friends, I have to admit I know French culinary not more than what I saw and heard from the movie Ratatouille. When given the menu, I was totally lost looking at the French named items but I do understand the prices which are all above RM50++.

One of us asked the captain what do they have off the menu, and my eyes went wide open when I heard the word “Wagyu Beef“. Without any hesitation, I quickly ordered that without even asking for its price.

I am not sure about dinner, but during lunch, you are entitled to he buffet spread with any main meal course ordered. Just like most French restaurants, the desserts usually outshine the others and it was no different here.

But then again, it is not all about desserts, as other appetizers, soups and delicacies such as fresh oysters and mussels ain’t just some push-overs. The selections can’t be compared with full-fledged buffets as this is nowhere near extensive but it was compensated with quality instead.

But with the Wagyu Beef flying around in my brain at that moment, I
must say I didn’t fully enjoyed the buffet as much as I would like to.
After what seems to be eternity, a waiter finally gently placed the
sinfully-tempting Wagyu Beef Steak right in front of the salivating me.

As I have requested the sauces to be given separately, I was able to
take a good look at the texture and the size of this Holy Grail of all
steaks (or is it?). The portion given was surprisingly chunky and huge,
as I always thought French eateries emphasize more on presentation and
taste rather than quantity. I excitedly but gracefully cut through the
extremely well-marbled meat, and carefully dipped it into one of the
three sauces available. Once in my mouth, I almost wanted to shout out
in approval and marvel.

The meat is just oh-so-tender, and it simply melts in your mouth no
kidding. Wisely asked for it to be cooked medium-rare, I was able to
taste the exquisitely delicate texture and the richness in flavor in
the meat itself. As much as I wanted to slowly enjoy this generous slab
of heavenly steak, I couldn’t as I was simply too carried away in a
moment of gastronomic madness.

After walloping the Wagyu Beef Steak, somehow I still managed to find some room in my stomach for desserts although I felt like I’ve just ate a whole cow (ok slightly exaggerated for entertainment’s sake). You will never go wrong with French desserts as almost every single one of them were of top quality.

My friend who ordered Grilled Salmon Steak also found it to be an absolutely delicious. Just like the Wagyu Steak, this also came with a generous big cutlet of the fish grilled with herb mixtures, served together with some asparagus and other vegetables.

With the stomach filled to the brim, it was time to emptied our wallets. The Grilled Salmon Steak was reasonably priced at RM89++ inclusive of the light buffet. You want to know what was the price of the wonderful Wagyu Beef Steak!?


A whopping


A lavish lunch indeed. Definitely something different from the usual hawker fares in Penang eh?

The View at Hotel Equatorial Penang

Address: 1, Jalan Bukit Jambul
               11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

Telephone: 04-643 8111

Opening Hours/Days: Lunch: 12:00pm – 2:30pm (Mon-Fri)
                                 Dinner: 6:30pm – 10:00pm (Mon-Sat)

                                 Closed on public holidays

* click on the map to enlarge *

22 thoughts on “The View Restaurant at Hotel Equatorial Penang

  1. Am surprise that they allow you to take pictures…. Their pan fried cod fish is marvelous, … as well as their Tiramisu.
    I didn’t get to take pictures on my last visit, cuz I thought they do not allow.Their food is rather pricey, but good!!!

  2. tummythoz – Kakaka….don’t think I can finish all those at once!d2e – No need, the crazy price tag is already a big enough punch line.lanatir – You reckon so? I think its pretty much the same pricing as in KL because the serving here is huge. But I can tell ya I wouldn’t have order this if I know the price.limmeiyen – Kekeke, don’t tell me you would wanna eat hotel food when you go to Penang? MeiYun – Oh yea? how much is the buffet there?daphnesu – Yea that’s my norm when it comes to steak or lamb chop. Sugar Bean – Their desserts were truly lovely and tasty. Too bad I was pretty full after the mains. NKOTB – Oooohh, next time you should whip out your camera first to test the water. Not sure what’s their policy, but the waiters there were extremely friendly and helpful. Hmmm..but maybe that was because we such a “waterfish” in ordering the Wagyu. Kekekeceline – Not only pocket, my eyes also bleeding..blood not tears.

  3. no wonder the pics looked different.. camera phone! 🙂 I can’t take nice pics like you do when I’m with a camera phone!! RM270 for a beaf steak is very hefty…! but if you’ve enjoyed it… no regrets rite?

  4. xiu long bao – Kakaka..even if you don’t take beef there are still alot of ways and places to spend your hard-earned money. Christine – I thought you carry your Canon camera along you all the time? Yea I enjoyed it for sure, but not so sure about the no regrets part! Kekeke..

  5. I have heard more than enough about how pricey and exclusive their dining is here in the View!!:D
    Poor you, but you enjoyed it didn’t you? Don’t dwell on the past; at least it was one memorable experience:) Anyway, anything spectacular about the view over there?

  6. hahah funny funny..i refrain ordering wagyu ever since i saw the PRIME menu..i think it was 300++.. wagyu beef cheeks r way cheaper but its a whole diff thing though..this was not on ur boss rite?

  7. Hi Tan,I like The View and also classified it as Fine dining as well. I love their dessert especially the tiramisu, it is one of the best in Penang. The price is a bit pricy… but you get what you pay for. :)rgdsWong,

    • Hi Wong, sorry I took more than 6 months to reply u as I’ve abandoned my blog for quite some time. Yes I truly agree with you about the food quality there of course. But unfortunately for lay men, like me, we will not be able to enjoy them as often as we would like to 😦

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