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My new baby: Sony Ericsson W910i

My long awaited new mobile phone is finally here!!

Thanks to the amazing genorosity of Fannie, and the wonderful logistic assistance from Michael, I finally got to lay my hands on this new baby at 1am last night.

My initial impression was, wow this baby is slimmer than I thought it would be. Nicely presented in a cool transparent plastic box, I took the mobile phone out and put on the battery quickly. As quickly as a child who wakes up on Christmas morning and rush down to get his/her gift at the Christmas tree. It didn’t took me very long to explore the phone’s functions though, as I have diligently read all the reviews and walkthroughs of this new model on the internet for the past 2 weeks.

So far I’ve been very impressed with this latest Walkman slider phone from Sony Ericsson, especially with the uber-cool interface and the crisp music. However, the 2MP camera that comes with this model is almost a total letdown. Without any autofocus and only fairly decent picture quality, you might want to look elsewhere if camera function is of importance to you. But for me, its not a big issue as I carry my prosumer camera along almost all the time.

Have yet to really utilise all the functions so far, and all my phone contacts are not even transferred to this new phone yet. This phone package includes a free 2GB M2 memory card, so I won’t have to worry about running out of memory space when loading MP3s and videos in.

So please be patient if I didn’t answer your call immediately or as fast as I used to. Most probably I’ll be admiring the way the phone rings, blinks and vibrates when your call comes in. Can’t blame me right?



14 thoughts on “My new baby: Sony Ericsson W910i

  1. babe_kl – Oh, so you’re a SE fan huh? limmeiyen – Looking at it oredi fun!tecklee – I’ll show ya this Sunday k?wmw – High 5ive!ivywong78 – Bought from Singapore. I think in KL now only “AP” sets are available.Bernsy – Thanks a lot. I was quite surprised when I first stumbled upon it. Kekekestanleyyap – Hey I was at Khazana last night, was expecting to see you but you weren’t there.neko-hime – Oh the black version of N95?! Niiiceeee….Christine – Are you using a SE too?daphnesu – To match with the good looking owner. ai wei – Go get one too!!Christy – You bet it is.teckiee – Huh? I don’t really get you lah!

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