Dora Goh Has Been Released

Dora Goh has been found/released and she is now in a hospital undergoing medical examination. She was released in Cheras after the kidnappers received the ransom money from her family.

Thank God!

A 25-year-old Chinese girl (her name is Dora Goh Wei Wei according to some sources) who works for Padini in Glenmarie, Shah Alam was kidnapped by three men this morning. Apparently she was forced into a silver Camry. Only the numerical part of the car plate was spotted by another Padini’s employee:


Please report to police immediately if you spotted the lady or the car, or if you have any information regarding this case.

This is not a hoax or prank. This is very REAL!! Dora Goh is a friend of my colleague’s friend. Even Jeff Ooi blogged about it.

May the merciful God watch over her!


11 thoughts on “Dora Goh Has Been Released

  1. good to know she is safe. i received a sms yest morning about this. am surprise the kidnappers let her off so easily. but it’s good… praise God.
    thanks for dropping by dude….

  2. zenden_ling – Thanks so much for the update.Christy – Yea with the amount of spam we get these days, I don’t blame you for being skeptical.zewt – Surprising indeed, coz it is not uncommon for kidnappers to kill the hostage even after receiving ransoms nowadays.rubybeckie – But can you imagine our God still loves people like those kidnappers? Hard to believe but its true. Amazing…limmeiyen – Ooohh, yea I guess all of us are happy for her and her wei – You got it spot on about Malaysia being unsafe now. You girls better not go out alone too often.Christine – Yup, if possible go out in a group. Nowadays even 2 person also not safe enough.stanleyyap – Now all we can hope for is she won’t be too traumatised by all these.

  3. Another girl was kidnapped yesterday. She was gang raped too. Seems like the kidnap gang is getting very bold about it. I would too, seems like the police is just busy sleeping and scanning for minorities. So so angry about all this!

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