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Busy like a Capital B!!

Sorry people, has been really busy lately….hence the lengthy “silence” here. I’m in Singapore now, till 1st of January, 2008. Will try to blog about the blockbuster New Year celebration here in Singapore as soon as possible. So stay tuned and Happy New Year wherever you are.

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BERSIH: Video of Tian Chua’s Arrest

Watch this video of Tian Chua‘s arrest at the Parliament yesterday. Apparently the Proton Tiara that he came with was found torched, and Tian Chua claimed that it was done by the police. We are slowly but surely turning into farcical pariah country just like Venezuela, Iran, Zimbabwe, Myanmar or even Russia.

Photo Source: Syafiq Sunny
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Police Arrest Inside Malaysia’s Parliament Precincts

Lim Kit Siang (MP Ipoh Timur) described it as the blackest day for Malaysia’s Parliament in 50 years since independence, and I couldn’t agree more.

In utter contempt of the sanctity of Parliament and the honour and
dignity of Members of Parliament, the police arrested over 20 people in
the parliamentary precincts.

Among those arrested were PAS leaders Mustapha Ali and Dr. Hatta
Ramli, Parti Keadilan Rakyat secretary-general Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim
and Information chief Tian Chua, Parti Sosialis Malaysia protem
chairman Dr. Nasir Hashim as well as activists from the Coalition for
Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) including Suaram executive director
Yap Swee Seng, Centre for Independent Journalism executive director V
Gayathry, Pusat Komas programme director Mien Lor, Writers Alliance for
Media Independence chairperson Wong Chin Huat, PAS Research Centre
director Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad and Harakah advertising manager Mokhtar

And Anwar Ibrahim was arrested at the airport as well in the afternoon.

What has become of our country?!?

Weep people, weep.

Read more at Lim Kit Siang’s blog

The Star’s online site updates here

You can also read about it by foreign news websites here, here and here.

Random Reflections

The reason for this morning’s traffic crawl

* Update * – Some people informed me that apparently those roadblocks were set up becauce BERSIH wanted to hand a memorandum to the Parliament.

Yes you guessed it right. It was because of the bloody roadblocks set up by the police again. Oh wait a minute, they are not really roadblocks as they were just waving at cars to move on. More like a road narrowers, with their signboards closing one or more lanes causing bottlenecks.

So what’s the excuse now? HINDRAF is going to launch a terrorist attack in Kuala Lumpur? Another Walk for Justice by the peaceful lawyers? Or PKR’s Tian Chua escaped from the lockup in Dang Wangi police station?

Whatever the @#$%^ reason, stop making life hard for hardworking citizens like us!!! Unlike you guys, we actually have works to do you know? You always like to ask us “Macam mana mau tolong?” (How you want me to help?) whenever you stopped us on the road. So now we are telling you…stop causing peak hours traffic crawl and instead patrol the streets to arrest those rapists and snatch thieves (but not with idiotic methods suggested by equally idiotic Umno Putera)!!! Grrr….

Malaysia boleh!

Dumb Zam: BERSIH rally comment by Minister of Misinformation

While I do not condone the use of profanities and lewd gestures in this video, I can’t help but to post up this extremely funny piece of satirical art. Remember my earlier thoughts on Zainuddin Maidin’s interview by Al-Jazeera about the BERSIH rally on November 10?

This is the original Al-Jazeera broadcast of the phone interview

Why don’t RTM introduce a new talk-show by ZAM? The Dumb Zam Show, just like Oprah Winfrey’s, but with less intellects of course.

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Delwin Keasberry & Gillian Foo’s Wedding in Brunei

Flew back from Brunei on Sunday night. Was there with a group of ex-OCFers to attend Del and Gillian’s wonderful wedding. Whole trip was tiring but a true bliss nevertheless. Here are some snapshots of the 700+ photos that I’ve taken during the 2D2N trip to the rich sultanate kingdom. It was truly an eventful trip, we got:











and of course, FOOD!!

More to come folks, so stay tuned!!