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BERSIH: Video of Tian Chua’s Arrest

Watch this video of Tian Chua‘s arrest at the Parliament yesterday. Apparently the Proton Tiara that he came with was found torched, and Tian Chua claimed that it was done by the police. We are slowly but surely turning into farcical pariah country just like Venezuela, Iran, Zimbabwe, Myanmar or even Russia.

Photo Source: Syafiq Sunny

9 thoughts on “BERSIH: Video of Tian Chua’s Arrest

  1. oh…the news was going thru so fast I couldn’t even make out wat the heck is going on. Goodness…I just hope everyone buka mata betul betul when the election comes. You know I kinda felt we are almost back in square one (before 57′)…Malaysia would be a great place to stay BUT….Yeah there’s always a but. With all these, does our country have anymore hope? Sad…very sad…I guess its about time for the new generation to breathe in some fresh air into the country…I thought Malaysia is suppose to be a developing country…I think this is a statement which has to be ‘tarik balik’….I mean look at Singapore…and they still call themselves a developing nation.

  2. blossom says:

    the problem is how many malaysians think this way? many of them are just plain ignorant saying the governemnt are doing a great job and those protest are causing unstability to the country..sigh…

  3. In Malaysia , we can be developed by our own ratings, and not to be judged by anyone else.We have a government living in denial after 50 years of ruling this country. Don’t even look at singapore, please compare Thailand with Malaysia, I think already overtaken us, and Vietnam will probably potong us in a matter of 5 – 10 yrs.Then our Gamen will still tell us we are way ahead of the rest.

  4. Heya, thats my fren’s video 😀 He recorded it. Yea..what a sickening situation. Cant wait for the general election (and someone said we cant handle it yet. My ass!)What scares me the most right now is that most ppl doesnt even know all this is going on right now (thanks to the main stream media) I guess all we can do is to encourage ppl to read more alternative news.

  5. I am glad you are keeping a close watch on this unbecoming country of late. Well sometimes other things are really more important than
     eating ourselves silly while our brothers are nearly torched and our sisters almost raped …and so on . Keep ti up and merry xmas ,
    we need more “rightfully aware” people like you certainly !

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