Random Reflections

My car is wrecked

Just met an accident on Tuesday morning, somewhere on SPRINT Highway, Mont Kiara. I would like to categorically deny that I was speeding above the speed limit, or being at fault for this accident. Anyway, the front part of my car is wrecked. I’ll let the picture do the talking:



14 thoughts on “My car is wrecked

  1. christinetanpc – Yea, she’s in workshop now doing facial reconstruction. tummythoz – Hurt my insurance policy premium more like it. The other vehicle is also wrecked although still repairable. Kekeke…cookies_cream – Have to wait a whole week to get back my car. Almost impossible to avoid those drivers here in KL right? Grrr…Jun – Yea I’m absolutely fine. Can’t really say the same about the other fella. sc_food4thot – 😦 The positive side of this is it happened 4 weeks before CNY, so still got ample time to repair the car.rokh – My dad estimated the repair will costs around RM1.5K to RM2K. Maybe I should damage the other side of my car to balance it and then leave it as it is eh? zjchen – I was trying to avoid a vehicle that suddenly braked to jump queue, when I crashed into another vehicle that was about to jump queue as well. Grrr….

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