Pak Lah, their ceramah is bigger than yours!

As the campaigning of the General Election draws to a close today, all the politic parties’ leaders are scrambling to fish votes in “hot” states. Last night in Penang, saw one of the biggest DAP’s ceramah ever. The more conservative counts put it at about 30,000 people, but some claimed that it is near to 70,000 people.

Would this converts into votes? Guess we would only know after the voting tomorrow.

But enough is enough. It is time to get rid of the current racial-based politic system. It is time to realise the fact that we are all equal citizens of this beloved country of ours. You can call us Malaysian, you can call us Malaysiaputra, heck, you can even call us all as Bumiputra (son of the soil), as most of us are indeed born here in this land.

Now its the time for us to stop whining and complaining about the government or the country. It is time to let yourself be heard. It is time to cast your vote! For those that have not register to vote, do your part by praying for fair, clean and safe election. May God’s will be done for this country.

“Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” – John F.Kennedy 1960

3 thoughts on “Pak Lah, their ceramah is bigger than yours!

  1. We”ll know by this weekend if the crowd will convert to votes. Many people support the oppositions and yet don’t want to go back to their hometown to vote. Very disappointed with these people. All talk and complain and yet no action.

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