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Malaysia lost sovereignty over Pedra Branca/ Pulau Batu Puteh

I was watching the live telecast by RTM1 of the proceedings and the announcement of the verdict by the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands. The court ruled in favor of Singapore by 12 votes to 4 for the sovereignty over the smaller-than-a-football-field rocks formation near southeastern coast of Johor.

There is a little consolation to the Malaysia when the judges ruled by 15-1 votes that the sovereignty of Middle Rocks shall belongs to Malaysia. And they also concluded that the sovereignty of South Ledge shall belongs “to the state in which territorial waters where it is located”…whatever that means.

So yea, Malaysia has officially SHRUNK in territory size…no thanks to the “brilliance” of the previous Sultans of Johor as well as our former colonial master, the British. Singapore BOLEH!

Grrr….one minute silence please!

To find out more on the background of the dispute, check out the following websites:

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website

Malaysia’s Kementerian Luar Negeri’s website

International Court of Justice’s website


4 thoughts on “Malaysia lost sovereignty over Pedra Branca/ Pulau Batu Puteh

  1. Failure to show ownership over Pulau Batu Puteh, maps that indicated Singapore’s sovereignty over the island, and a reply from a Johor state official saying that the state did not have sovereignty over the island were some of the reasons why Malaysia lost its case.
    Got this from the Star Online.

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