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Badawi’s Website Was Hacked Today

Obviously filled with anger due to yesterday’s announcement of petrol price’s 41% hike, a hacker decided to get personal with our Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi and left a little message for him on his website:

The not-so-polite message was still accessible as at 3:18pm, Thursday…15 hours and 18 minutes after the government decided to make the life of Malaysia citizens a little bit more harder.

Update (5:43pm): Ok now few sources are claiming that the hack is real, and it was due to a loophole found on the website. And apparently the person responsible for this is an insider. The website is down and inaccessible at the time of posting.

Update (3:27pm): A reliable source informed me that this is not a real hack but just a hoax. Keke…I guess the government is right, you can’t always believe what you read on blogs.


3 thoughts on “Badawi’s Website Was Hacked Today

  1. DWolve says:

    Is a hack. although the vulnerability is not from within the page, but the damage is serious. Imagine if the same vulnurability is pointed to

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