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Oriental Spoon’s Ramadan Special

       This whole month of September is the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims, the month when they fast from true dawn till sunset. Hence, Ramadan is also the month where various restaurants will create special menus or promotions and thus gluttons like me will feel very blessed too.


Oriental Spoon, the restaurant at Sooka Sentral whose name was on everybody’s lips few months ago due to their successful Dim Sum Buffet promo, is back again with 4 Ramadan special banquet sets. On the promo flyer, it urges us to “buka puasa (break fast) with a feast”, and boy what a feast it is I found out that one fine night.

The four sets, which are also available at Bangsar Seafood Centre, are actually a 9-course feast including desserts, and are priced from as low as RM488.00++ for a table for 10 pax, to the wonderfully-sumptuous RM988.00++ Emperor Package. Well I’m ain’t any emperor, but nevertheless I had the privilege of sampling the Royal Package (RM588.00++) plus 2 other dishes from the other packages.

Let me guide you through the feast dish by dish:

First to be served was the Chef’s Special Appetizer, which comes with a combination of 4 different dishes that every single one also worth mentioning: Sliced Abalone ala-Thai; Sausage & Seaweed Rolls, “Kam Heong” Chicken with “Tung Fun” Rolls; and Stir-Fried Prawns with Mixed Vegetables.

Besides the great tastes of each of those 4 dishes, I like the fact that the chef really put a lot of effort on the little fine details of both presentation-wise as well as the taste-wise.


After wiping clean the big plate of appetizers, the Shark’s Fin Soup, a prized Chinese delicacy, promptly followed. Ok, now it started to feel a bit like a wedding banquet (there you go, an idea to all would-be-marrieds). Unlike some substandard shark’s fin soup served elsewhere that tasted more like a cornstarch soup, the one here is filled to the brimmed with strands of actual shark’s fin, simmered for hours with chicken and mushroom resulting in a bowl of rich and thick flavourful broth.


The Crisp Roasted Chicken with Biscuit Crumbs is one innovative dish indeed. The aromatic crispy roasted chicken is served with tantalizing bits of biscuit crumbs on top, making it a delight to bite on especially with the extra omphs added in thanks to the dried chilli shrimps mixed together with the crumbs.


Next up was the Steamed Sea Garoupa with Lime & Thai Style Soya Sauce. Known as one of the best quality sea fishes, the one served here is steamed with controlled heat and timing to retain its freshness and smooth texture. And the chef made the right choice by using Thai soya sauce as its saltiness is well-balanced and thinner in consistency, doing a good job in masking away any possible fishy smell. A must-try for all Thai food lovers.

When the Chinese Marrow Rings Stuffed With Prawns came, the flamboyant presentation style of the chef shone through the roof! We were all so awed by how beautiful it was done, with 11 shrimps stuffed into gourd, and seemingly floating on a starry sea of pumpkin bits.


The Vegetables & Mushroom Wrapped with Chinese Cabbage on another hand was less visually-stimulating, but nevertheless tasty. Again, the chef did not hold back on goodies as you will find numerous snow fungus, mushrooms, gingko nuts, lily bulbs. I bet its wonderful to have it together with a bowl of steamed rice.

But then again who would want boring white steamed rice when you can have something that tastes and looks as good as the Fried Pearl Rice with Spinach Juice? Served in a small wooden barrel, the rice is first cooked with spinach juice then stir-fried together with mixed vegetables and century egg. Add some sprinkles of dried shrimps, and voila, a creative Chinese cuisine spectacle! I am sure health-conscious people would love this too as it is much more less oily than the usual conventional fried rice.

And as the norm for any banquet, dessert is a must. For this Royal Package, the desserts would be the refreshing Boiled Lin Chee Kang as well as the Chinese Pastries Combination. The pastries are made up of Water Chestnut Jelly and fried sweet potatoe with lotus paste filling. Instead of the usual flat ones, no effort is spared to shaped it to look like carrots instead. Not surprising, we took a long time admiring it but gobbled it all in a flash as it tasted so nice.


The restaurant is very generous to served us 2 more seafood dishes from the Imperial Package and the Emperor Package. The one from the Imperial Package was the Steamed Cod Fish with Chinese Herbs that comes with chunky cuts of fresh cod fish. Kudos to the chef for choosing the right type and amount of the Chinese herbs, as it effectively masked any fishy taste. But our only qualm would be the texture of the fish which we felt was slightly tough, most probably due to overcooked.

The second additional dish was the Prawns with Pumpkin Sauce & Hot and Spicy Sauce from the Emperor Package. This twin prawn dish comes with 2 very distinctly different taste. On one side would be prawns fried till crispy with pumpkin sauce, and the other, fresh succulent prawns stir-fried with hot & spicy sauce. In my humble opinion, I very much prefer the pumpkin sauce prawn as I love how well the sweet pumpkin sauce compliments the slightly salty fried prawn.

Buka Puasa With A Feast Promotion

Noble Package, RM 488+
Royal Package, RM 588+
Imperial Package, RM 688+
Emperor Package, RM 988+

  • All packages came with one appetizer, six main dishes and two desserts. Cater up to ten people per table.
  • Available at both Oriental Spoon and Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurants.
  • All packages will be available till the end of the year but there
    will be slightly some minor changes on the dishes after September.
  • All packages can also be ordered during lunch hour (advance booking required).
  • Receive dining vouchers worth RM100 when you book any one of the
    four packages at either Oriental Spoon or Bangsar Seafood Garden
  • As Oriental Spoon normally opens till 8pm, give them a call if
    you’ll be coming late and they will extend their business hour for you.

Oriental Spoon
1-2, 1st Floor,
Sooka Sentral,
Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,
50470 Kuala Lumpur

window.google_render_ad();  GPS Coordinates: 3°7’59″N   101°41’2″E

Tel: 03-2261 3222
Fax: 03-2780 2055
Business Hour: 10.00am – 8.00pm, closed on Sunday

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant
One Bangsar,
No. 63, Jalan Ara,
Bangsar Baru, 59100
Kuala Lumpur

GPS Coordinates: 3°7’46″N   101°40’9″E

Tel: 03-2282 2555
Fax: 03-2284 4827

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Raja Petra Kamaruddin detained under ISA

At 1:10pm today, controversial blogger and the founder of alternative news portal Malaysia Today, Raja Petra Kamaruddin was arrested at his home. According to his wife, Marina Lee Abdullah, more than 10 police personnel came to their house and whisked him away without any explanation, except that his is being detained under the notorious Internal Security Act (ISA).

Three Malaysian newspapers – Sin Chew Daily, The Sun , and Suara
Keadilan (owned by Parti Keadilan Rakyat) – were also issued show cause letters by the Home Ministry.

Things are going ugly again. Looks like Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s claim to unseat BN as the government on the 16th of September is getting more and more unlikely. Stay tuned for more updates later.

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Restoran J & J, Bandar Baru Klang

For the past few months, new restaurants have been mushrooming at the new shoplots area in Bandar Baru Klang. There are now at least 3 Japanese restaurants within the small commercial square, 4 kopitiam-styled eateries, and countless Chinese restaurants to cater to the eastern side of Klang.

One of the first to open there is Restoran J&J, a nondescript-looking Chinese “taichow” restaurant, albeit an air-conditioned one. Jackson Kah has already visited this place few times and his reviews were good, and I guess the large crowd there almost every nights pretty much confirmed things are good there. So after months of missed opportunities, I finally got the chance to check it out..for lunch though.

The restaurant’s specialties are actually Watermelon Chicken and the unique “Yu Lou” or Fish Steamboat in English. But because my mum was not well and need to watch her diet, we decided to go for their set lunch instead. They have several set lunches that caters to either 2-3 pax, 3-4 pax or 6-7 pax. We opted one of the 3 available options for 3-4 pax that comes with 4 dishes and costs RM38.80.

The 4 dishes were Fried Brinjal, Kung Pou Chicken, a kind of Fried Egg and a vegetable soup. I only managed to take photo of 2 of the dishes as I was ridiculously hungry then. All the dishes are of above average standard as

While the set lunch meals are nothing to shout about, they are still pretty enjoyable and coupled with the reasonable price, good service and no-hassle is definitely a good place to spend your lazy weekend afternoon. And for sure, I’ll be back to check out their specialties though I need more friends to go with me in order to try more varieties. Any takers?

Restoran J & J

Address: 12 & 12A, Jalan Tiara 2D Ku 1,
Bandar Baru Klang, 41150 Klang, Selangor.
Telephone: 019-682 1232

GPS Coordinates: 3°3’48″N   101°28’2″E

*set lunch available only at 11am – 2:30pm*