My Football Pilgrimage

Remember, remember,
the 18th of October….

That was the very day I’ve finally fulfilled one my ultimate dreams, watching Arsenal FC live at the Highbury Emirates Stadium in London, England.

*Stay tuned for more photos after the jump*

Walking up the stairs to get to our seats *anxious*

The anthem of English Premier League being blasted over the PA system while the players walk out.

Can you spot my idol, Mr. Wenger?

The architect of the squad, young Cesc Fabregas.

If only I can get hold of one of these humongous cameras…. 

Security in EPL is tight alright.

Of the many fruitless corner kicks by Arsenal on that day.

The trademark inswinging freekick by Robbie Van Persie

Halftime shower for the seemingly perfect pitch.

Look who came out for warm-up?! Theoo…..Theoooo….

Did I tell you about all the Arsenal’s fruitless corner kicks?

Arsenal players swarming Tony Hibbert after his horrible tackle on Walcott. It sucks when you are not fast enough eh Tony?

Cesc taking one of the freekicks.

A very slow and unsuccessful tackle by Eboue to stop Pienaar.

Van Persie scored the 2nd goal to put Arsenal ahead! Gooooaaaaallllllll………

Now its Gunners’ time to taunt the visiting fans, kekeke..

Ok, the taunting got more hostile and violent. The stadium stewards had to step in.

When some of the Everton fans started assaulting the stewards, the police immediately stepped in.

Walcott scored the 3rd goal to rub salt to Everton’s wound! Weeeeee…..

Enough said!

Waited at the parking tunnel exit after the game to snap some players’ photos. This is Kolo Toure!


My 1st Trip to Europe

I’ll be visiting London & Paris for the next 6 days, and fulfilling my dream of watching Arsenal FC playing at Emirates Stadium. So cherio everybody, oh and au revoir too!

Random Reflections

The origin of the Malays

The Encyclopedia of Malaysia, volume: Early History, has pointed out a total of 3 theories of the origin of Malay:

  1. The Yunnan theory, Mekong river migration (published 1889)
  2. The New Guinea theory (published 1965)
  3. The Taiwan theory (published 1997)

The ancestor of Malays are believed to be seafarers who are well knowledged in Oceanography, they move around from island to island in great distances between New Zealand and Madagascar, and they served as navigation guide, crew and labour to Indian, Persian and Chinese traders for nearly 2000 years, and over the years they settled at various places and adopted various cultures and religions. Notable Malay seafarers of today are Moken and Orang laut.

Some historians suggested they were descendants of Austronesian-speakers who migrated from the Philippines and originally from Taiwan.

Hmmm…..doesn’t sound that different from the Chinese who “migrated” here to Malaysia eh?

*source: Wikipedia*

Random Reflections

No more Ayamas for me!

I am soooooooo not going to eat the roasted chicken from Ayamas anymore. Barely months after raising the price of one roasted bird from RM15.50 to RM16.50, I found out last Saturday it has been raised to RM18.00 now!

And I felt the quality and taste of my once-favourite has also dropped significantly.

Adios, au revoir, zhaijian, selamat tinggal, goodbye, ciao…you’ll be missed!

P/S: You all ought to boycott them too! Say down to indiscriminate price hiking!!