Random Reflections

Photo featured in The Star again

For the fourth time since I started sending photos to The Star’s Thumbnail section, my photo was selected to be published on the daily English newspaper. Out of the 6 times I’ve sent them my photos, 4 were selected but only 1 managed to win the RM50 cash prize.

This time round it was the photo I took last Saturday at Alam Damai, Cheras. On the way home, I saw this serious hit-and-run accident at a notorious junction of Alam Damai and Taman Desa Orkid/Taman Connaught. There have been numerous accidents occured there, due to the speeding cars going downslope from Desa Tun Razak direction and car dashing out from Taman Desa Orkid as there are no traffic lights installed.


Miraculously, despite being hit at high speed and his car went turtled, he crawled out from the car almost unscathed..apart of the facial injuries due to the broken glass shards. At first, he kept on cursing the other driver who drove away and lamenting that he won’t be able to claim imsurance without knowing who hit him. Yours truly were busy acting like a professional reporter, circling around the accident scene to take shots when I suddenly noticed a car registration number plate on the road. At first I thought it belongs to the victim’s vehicle (a Proton Saga), but after checking the numbers, I found out it actually belongs to the culprit’s vehicle instead!

I quickly passed it to the driver and a tow-truck operator. The driver thanked me and then went on to curse the culprit further. Kekeke…and the two-truck operator radio-ed his gang using his walkie-talkie and instructed them to look out for a wrecked Proton Persona around the area with that registration number.

* I hope the police will be able to trace this fella *

After hanging out there for about 30 minutes, the exhaustion got the better of me and I decided to drive home. Funny how thru out the 30 minutes, people of all races stopped to watch the “spectacle” and asked me of the details. Their first question usually was “Pemandu mati ka?” (Is the driver dead?). Then followed by a highly irrelevant question of “Cina ke Melayu ke apa?” (Chinese or Malay or what?). Look what 51 years of racial-based politics can do to a country! Grrr…

* the culprit’s front bumper that was left behind! *

Oh well, I was just glad that the driver is ok and I managed to do a good deed. Thank You Lord!

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