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The Taiping Methodist Girl School’s Controversy

Just received this email regarding the Taiping’s SMK Treacher Methodist Girl School from a leader of my church. It is kinda sad that I am not entirely surprised to find out that things like this are still happening in this supposedly harmonious multi-racial country. And chances are, religiously-sensitive controversies like this aren’t going to be published on national newspapers.

Read it, then pray for them and our nation..not just boiled in anger and hatred.

Prayer Intercessors,

Received an sms from Bro. *name taken out* via Rev. *name taken out*.  Please uphold the Taiping MGS Teachers as they had planned to organize the 120th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service in their school on this Saturday, March 14  at 9:30am but the Jabatan Pelajaran Perak Officers came to the school and said cannot.  They want the School Anniversary Thanksgiving Service to be cancelled.  Principal of the school says he will lock the gates.  Matter is being brought up to the Education Ministry level.  Bottom line is that the school teachers will go ahead as planned.  Please rally prayers by forwarding this email to as many prayer intercessors. 

*name taken out for privacy & safety reasons*


One thought on “The Taiping Methodist Girl School’s Controversy

  1. Hmm…I heard of this sms indirectly too, from my mom, but honestly I am giving the benefit of the doubt (to both sides) as to what exactly is going on. There was just too little information as to the reasons for the ‘cannot’, the purpose of the function, what/who was involved etc…for me to form an opinion. I know the passers-on of the text message are sincere but I personally would need to have more background before concluding that this matter stems from religious intolerance rather than from some other reason. A text message may be the fastest way to get word out, but for those not directly involved or in the know about the specific incident, I think sms has significant limitations. Feel free to fill me in.

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