Swine Flu’s Patient Zero Identified

Mexico’s health authority announced that they have found the patient zero of the swine flu, currently spreading rapidly around the globe. Tucked away in a small mountain village named La Gloria, in the Mexican state of Veracruz, off a dusty road flanked by pig farms, is where the earliest case of swine flu was confirmed.

Meet the child known as “patient zero” by his doctors — 5-year-old Edgar Hernandez, who survived the earliest documented case of swine flu in an outbreak that, officials say, has now spread across four continents. His family lives in the 3,000-population village of La Gloria in the state of Veracruz, where a flu outbreak was reported on April 2. State officials arrived and took samples from dozens of people.

Lab tests confirmed that Edgar was the only patient in Veracruz to test positive for the swine flu virus; the others had contracted a common flu. Health officials had returned to Edgar’s sample only after cases of the new flu strain were spotted around the country. Edgar has managed to bounce back from his symptoms and playfully credits ice cream for helping him feel better.

This latest global threat to mankind is definitely a cause for concern, though its not the time to press the panic button yet. To put things into perspective, common seasonal flu which is rarely a front page news, kills 250,000 to 500,000 people every year worldwide, far more than the current outbreak of swine flu. But what is alarming about this Mexico swine flu outbreak is there is no vaccine for the new disease, and when the flu spreads person-to-person, instead of from animals to humans, it can continue to mutate, making it harder to treat or fight, because people have no natural immunity.

Other latest updates:

– As at 8pm (Malaysian time), 159 deaths and roughly 2,500 illnesses were reported in Mexico

– First death reported in United States, which is also the first outside Mexico so far

– The World Health Organization says at least 105 cases have been confirmed worldwide, including 64 in the United States; 26 in Mexico; six in Canada; three in New Zealand; and two each in Spain, the United Kingdom and Israel.

– Officials in Mexico City ordered the closing of bars, clubs, movie theaters, pool halls, theaters, gyms, sport centers and convention halls until May 6 to stem the outbreak


Swine Flu Outbreak

Extremely troubled and concerned with the development in Mexico on the latest global health crisis, the new strain of swine (pig) flu. Already in Mexico, as many as 103 have died (as at 3pm Malaysian time) and up to 1650 cases reported in that country so far. This swine flu is possibly closer to become a global pandemic than the bird flu or SARS as it is already transmitting from human-to-human and apparently it is easy for one to be infected, though the mortality rate is still relatively low.

And before the authorities can contain it, fresh outbreaks were detected in the United States, Canada, Spain, Israel and New Zealand. The world is so globalized today that any viruses are just a flight away, just hours away.

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Brothers & sisters in Christ, its time for us all to pray for our loved ones, for our nations, for the world, for the mankind, and for the souls of the people that might lose their lives due to this outbreak (and possible global pandemic). May God have mercy on us all.