Swine Flu Outbreak

Extremely troubled and concerned with the development in Mexico on the latest global health crisis, the new strain of swine (pig) flu. Already in Mexico, as many as 103 have died (as at 3pm Malaysian time) and up to 1650 cases reported in that country so far. This swine flu is possibly closer to become a global pandemic than the bird flu or SARS as it is already transmitting from human-to-human and apparently it is easy for one to be infected, though the mortality rate is still relatively low.

And before the authorities can contain it, fresh outbreaks were detected in the United States, Canada, Spain, Israel and New Zealand. The world is so globalized today that any viruses are just a flight away, just hours away.

To find out more general information on swine flu, click here.

To find out more specifically about this new unique strain of swine flu virus, click here.

Brothers & sisters in Christ, its time for us all to pray for our loved ones, for our nations, for the world, for the mankind, and for the souls of the people that might lose their lives due to this outbreak (and possible global pandemic). May God have mercy on us all.


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